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Did you grow up in a home in which chores were shared equally between boys and girls? Or did you grow up in a traditional home in which the mother was expected to do household chores, raise the family, and help to earn money for the family? Even in modern society, women are expected to take on their second job when they get home while their spouse relaxes after a hard day at work. So often we focus on gender equality in the workplace and forget about it in our own homes!

In India a campaign was started by Proctor & Gamble to promote their laundry detergent, Ariel. In the commercial, they suggested that men help women do the laundry in the home:

The challenge has been issued to all fathers and dads in India for over a year now. I cannot help wondering whether the commercial has had any impact on the habits of the husbands that have been targeted. I am curious to know as well whether the women have reacted to the implication of a shared workload, and whether they have realised that hey do not need to do everything on their own.

Do the men in your life help with the laundry?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016


25 thoughts on “Share the Load

  1. I grew up in a society where women do most of the house chores especially the laundry. The men are not expected to do anything except if they so desire. Their main task was to earn money for the family. But that old ideology is changing now, men are becoming more helpful in homes. 🙂


    1. I grew up in the same sort of environment – with a stay at home mom. But, as you say, society is changing and women now have even more responsibilities. It is helpful if men’s responsibilities change too.

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      1. Well, I think the men are becoming aware of the huge responsibility facing the woman at the home front. So house chores are shared until such a time when the kids are old enough to render their help. Moreover, most women are becoming more career minded and financially independent so roles are changing fast.


  2. What a lovely and moving video. I have to admit that my husband does his share of the laundry and he cooks most of the meals but he’s very bad at folding and putting away the laundry and when he washes dishes he doesn’t put them all away. He never sweeps the floor or cleans the bathroom. Part of the problem is that the women in his life have enabled him to pick and choose what he wants to do and the rest is left to me. People say I’m lucky and I do appreciate the meals he puts in front of me. He’s an excellent cook. I’m home sick today and I know that I will be picking up and putting away things that my husband is ‘blind’ to.


    1. You are a lucky woman as he does more than others do. Your comment reminds me of the advice my aunt used to give her young and unmarried nieces: “Don’t pick up after your new husband from day 1 or he will expect it for the rest of your marriage. Things not put in the laundry hamper do not get washed. He will soon learn to tidy up after himself.” Luckily I did not have that problem. Instead it is his desk that is untidy – and that I leave for him to sort out 🙂

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  3. I was raised in a home where the girls (me and my sister) did all the dishes and cleaning, my mother did all the cooking and my brothers did nothing. I raised my son differently and he has had a very happy marriage for many years now.


    1. I believe that it does make a difference. It is all about teamwork, isn’t it? And when working as a team, things are done faster – and more time is created for relaxation for everyone.


  4. My dad was such a wonderful man. Nothing was beneath him and we were raised in a home where my parents worked hand in hand. He led by example. I am teaching my boys and thankfully, they are very helpful and willing.


  5. My parents ran a very traditional household — mom handled all the domestic responsibilities, dad handled the yard work. My dad had to go through a huge transition over the last decade as mom’s abilities decreased. He had to learn to go grocery shopping and do the laundry…I think he’s grown a lot as a person because of it.


  6. My husband has always helped with the dishes, and now that he is retired he makes the bed and vacuums for me. Laundry? Well, even after so many years of marriage (47 this month), he still doesn’t know which is the washer and which is the dryer. 😉


    1. Sometimes that is best 🙂 He is helping though with other chores and that is perfect. It is not often we come across people with so many years of marriage behind them. Well done to you both.

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  7. My mother felt that it was important for all of us to learn to do the chores. My brother does just as much as I do.. the cooking, dishes, his own laundry.. even my dad does his own laundry. It was a good lesson my mother gave all of us.

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