Photo Prompt: Louise at The Storyteller’s Abode.

Marc sat waiting for her at the crumbling ruins, his confidence slowly ebbing with each minute that passed. He had been so sure of their love, even arrogant in his confidence. He had stood up for her when no-one else had. He had rejected comments that she would move on if someone better came along. He admitted to feeling a twinge of worry when the American had joined the company: his charm had been amplified by his wealth and generosity. But Marc had stood firm. “Our love is strong!” he had declared with conviction to all who would listen. Resting on the steps as the evening chilled, he finally accepted that his love for her was not strong enough to keep her at his side. The lure of excitment had enchanted her, and she was now lost to him.

Have you had to accept losing a love?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

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33 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Yes but I think it all works out the way it should be. Or that is at least my experience. I often have felt dissapointed when someone I had a crush on didn’t want to get to know me better, or when I can’t have the bond that I wished for just because the other person lives too far away. But with time you learn that it’s all good, if someone didn’t want to stay in touch it means they weren’t meant to be with you at that moment anyway. They might pop up in your life again, you might come across them sometime, sometimes you hope for it, to see how the connection would be, but it might not as well, and since they don’t/can’t be in your life, you assume they are happy or at least working on their happiness in their own way/while walking their own path. Even though you simetimes didn’t got to know that person for a long time or very well, you always keep a space in your heart for them and for the moments you had together, and even though it’s not necessary, you keep hoping you encounter them one day again because you just want to make a peaceful connection again after all that time and share some warmth through a genuine smile and gentle eyes. But if you wouldn’t encounter them, fine too, there are enough things to be happy about.

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    1. What you say is certainly true An-Katrien. And these people that are in your life but for a moment, help to form you in some little way – or they are there to help you realise something about yourself.

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