Five Minute Friday: The News

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeI remember a time when I knew what was being reported in the News. I read the daily newspaper as well as a weekly paper. I listened to the news every morning on the radio channel while getting ready for the day. I was able to participate in political discussions and in the issues of the day. South Africa at this time was going through a politcal change and much was reported everyday. While at University, I participated in informal debates with friends on where we thought the country should go. Later when I began teaching politically aware teenagers, I could lead debates and discussions secure in my knowledge and understanding.

Now, over twenty years later, I no longer switch on the News to hear what is being reported. I no longer buy a paper and peruse the headlines. Instead, I read the main headlines on the internet and I pass by many stories. Is it because I live in another country? Maybe. The news does not seem to be that interesting. But I believe my lack of interest stems from the fact my life is different. Now I have a family; now I have other things to do instead of spending time reading stories in print; now I work with people who have no interest in politics and what may be happening politically in their country.

Do I regret the change in my habits? No. The news reported either bores me, or focuses on the negative. If a person does not look beyond the news, one would think that the human race has no compassion and humanity. Stories focus on violence and sensationalism – not the ordinary people who go to work day in and day out in order to provide for themselves and their family.

I do not see my habits changing in the near future. Instead, I will continue reading headlines on my facebook and twitter feed. And the only newspaper I will open will be the school paper in order to read what my daughter has had published.

Do you read/watch the News?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: news)

29 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: The News

  1. Dear Colline, I don’t read and watch news because they don’t share the truth… But sometimes I watch CNN or BBC… Have a wonderful weekend, Thank you, Love, nia


  2. Colline – I remember in the 90s when my husband decided to stop reading the daily newspaper – he realized that an hour of his life was absorbed in this type of info and for him he wanted to change it. I am like you where I skim the headlines and sometimes follow a few stories – but really depends on my schedule and interests- and while I wish I knew more about the current presidential campaigns in the US- I follow what I can for voting reasons -ha! Anyhow – how cool to see you (imagine it) with the high schoolers back then – also – that little ending line about your daughter being a writer – I bet it warms your heart to read her stuff!


    1. Too much time is reading newspapers (I would rather blog!).
      My daughter often surprises me and this was one of those times. Her confidence is growing – last year she never dreamed of putting her writing out there. She makes me proud 🙂

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      1. How cool to watch the kids grow. And my younger son is one of my very favorite writers for the way he closes some of his shorter pieces with a nice little zinger.
        and well, speaking of your note about rather blog – well that is what I like better about blogging compared to reading the paper – blogger posts seem to have so much more variety. Some for the newspaper articles are so formal or so presented by the trained employee. Blogging, not he other hand, gives us much more raw variety and the different angles are what I love. I also watching people grow and evolve as bloggers. And then I also like seeing different sides come out. Like with your “I dare” post I felt this attitude that was unlike mosts posts – just super cool and as you know I love that post!
        But I also like your blog for other reasons- and not just cos you are a teacher – in fact, I chatted online with teachers for almost a decade (via forums) and so it is not really what I seek out in blog land – i actually enjoy following your blog for the diversity. Sometimes you share family tidbits, photos, a comic, a fiction piece, and of course snapshots from teaching – but it is your variety I like the most! just FYI


        1. Thank you Yvette. I like the variety too – it would be a little boring, I think, to blog about the same thing everyday. Our lives are not the same everyday – so why should our blogs be (which should be a reflection of ourselves, don’t you think?) I know that I have certainly eveloved as a blogger – as have you Yvette 🙂

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  3. Interesting. I no longer buy newspapers either, and do not want to know so much about the latest news. Too much negativism, too much disaster. I agree totally with you. I know I sometimes live in a “bubble”, but I have to – in order not to lose the little faith I have in mankind.


    1. My thoughts too. My husband, who follows the news, definitely has a more negative view of people. I keep reminding him that there are good people out in the world.


  4. I read the news on my android tablet each morning, listen on the dab radio and buy the Sunday times, which we read aloud together while drinking huge cups o tea, it has enough suppliments to make it through to the following weekend.


    1. The Sunday Times is certainly jam-packed with arrticles. My husband used to spend the entire day reading it until he decided his time would be better spent doing other things.

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  5. My husband watches news constantly. I can hear it in the background when he is home. I don’t watch as much as I used to. It can be pretty depressing, especially since the media exaggerates everything out of proportion. I do read some online newspapers, but I pick and choose what I read.


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