Grateful for Assessment Workshop

Yesterday I attended the last in a series of Teacher workshops on Assessment. In addition to the resource we received (Talk About Assessment by Damion Cooper), we were introduced to many techniques and strategies that would be useful in assessing our students’ work. Yesterday a variation of the assessment rubric was  shown to us (a one point rubric showing level 3) and I am excited to begin using it.

PictureWe were also introduced to ways in which our students can show their thinking. I learned of a placemat that I had not heard of before: the Frayer model. In groups, the students fill in the different sections of the placemat and show their understanding of the concept that has been taught. At our table groups, we had the opportunity to try this out (I love it when we get to try the methods out. It gives us a chance to collaborate with our colleagues.) Our discussion was on formative assessment and our result showed that we had a good understanding of what it is. A look at another group’s work afterwards showed that our table had mostly primary teachers who liked to draw 🙂

This week I am grateful for the workshops run by the Beginning Teacher’s group for the TDSB. The sessions are always enriching, and I often learn things that I want to implement in my classroom.

Processed with RookieWhat have you been grateful for this week?

Last week:

Lavender Ladi was grateful for inspiration

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14 thoughts on “Grateful for Assessment Workshop

  1. I am grateful for getting down to the details of where God is leading me. I started my MRP 3:20 process for each day. Meditate, read Scripture and pray for twenty minutes each. This way I can be purposeful in my direction for each day. Although it has only been a couple days, I can see that my thought process is changing. Prioritizing and managing my time will manifest itself positively. I will continue and at some point post my progress.


  2. You know, as is so often the case with these assessments, I really think they could have worded that explanation of what should be included in ‘Criteria’ more clearly and helpfully. Something like: ‘what needs to be achieved to show that the subject has been mastered’ or ‘what will show a mastery level’.


    1. As with any jargon, the teachers know what the term criteria refers to. The aim is to make the sheet containing the criteria as easy as posible for the students to read – and less words on a page is one way in which to do this.


  3. I have still found that teachers and business assessors could use a lot of help in formulating the criteria they finally set out – which often aren’t a meaningful exposition of what would reveal the required achievement. If one gets that wrong, the whole thing falls apart.


    1. That is certainly true. One needs to know clearly beforehand what one is going to assess before the task is set and given to the students. In addition, the criterion need to be clearly stated.


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