Musing Mondays: Choosing a Book

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Choosing a book to read has never been difficult for me to do.

Over the years I have learned what genre I like to read, and which authors I enjoy. But a point is reached when I have read all the novels by my favourite author. When this happens, I browse the preferred sections in a bookstore or library. The cover of a book will compel me to pick it up and read the blurb at the back. (I still prefer holding the physical book in my hand as opposed to reading the synopsis online.) Once I find a storyline that interests me, I take it home to read. The genre will depend on what I want to read at that moment in time: I may wish to read a little drama, solve a mystery, or enter a fantasy world.

At times someone I know may introduce me to a book they have enjoyed. My neighbour has often lent me stories that have engrossed me. Her husband chooses well and, a few months after Christmas, I am sure to hear a knock on my door preceding the loan of a few interesting novels. Reccently bloggers have been introducing me to new authors and stories – they have certainly increased my list of books to read! I have read, as well, books that have been suggested by the teens I have taught – and now receive suggestions by my own teenage daughters.

From time to time, I may pick up a non-fiction book as well. Recently I have been reading books on education but I have read bibliographies, books on health, and anything of interest that may catch my eye when browsing in a bookshop or library. Often a non-fiction title has been recommended to me by the lecturer of a course I am following, or even by a friend.

I will never run out of books to read. The only difficulty is choosing which one to read first.

How do you choose the books you read?

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21 thoughts on “Musing Mondays: Choosing a Book

  1. I have moved from choosing from a list of old favorite authors to finding new authors to love, and picking from their books. I also love browsing for books in a bookstore, but that experience is somewhat less likely, with the closing of so many shops.

    Blogs are where I find a lot of new books and new favorite authors.

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  2. I also choose books based on what is on my mind at the time. I can also say that a cover or a title will capture my interest and after reading the blurb about the book, I decide if I want to read it or not. Very soon here, I will return to the library to gather books for reading for the year. I read all kinds of books from bibliographies and self-help to fiction. I love mysteries and Christian fiction. I have some favorite authors like Dee Henderson, Davis Bunn and Angela Hunt in the Christian fiction genre. Right now, the focus is moving forward in my journey towards God’s purpose for my life. I do tend to take a breather with a great fiction novel when I need a break to just relax and enjoy.

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        1. This is good to know. I was wondering whether or not to put Rochelle’s book on my list. I always enjoy reading her flash fiction contributions.
          What is Clare’s last name? I would like to look her up.


    1. I am lucky. When we were looking for a place to stay on our arrival here, it was definitely one of the pluses to this area. And the library branch we have nearby is a large one with a wonderful selection of books. We have a smaller branch nearby too which I visit at times for a different selection.


  3. I think it is cool that you are open to suggestions – and also that you like the actual book! When my kids were in sports I used to bring a bag of misc books to pass the time and it allowed me to skim and soak up stuff in a special way! I had to kill a few hours of time during practices and it ended up being so nice – 📚📚📚


  4. I belong to a book club so 12 titles every year are chosen for me. Sometimes we pre read books to recommend or not to the group. Members of the group also recommend books that they’ve read in the past. I also have a stack of books to read.


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