Valentine Wishes

Thursday was a day of excitement for my students. Not only was it the day before a long weekend, but it was also the day we had chosen to share Valentine cards. The children each had a turn to put their cards into their classmates’ bags (I had labelled brown paper pags which each child was to take home at the end of the day). Waiting until 3pm was difficult for them but they managed. At the assigned time, the group sat in a circle on the carpet and I handed out the bags. I enjoyed their reactions as they read the cards and snacked on a candy or two. The children did not forget about me and insisted that I have a bag of my own.

ยฉ Colline Kook-Chun, 2016
Valentine wishes. ยฉ Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

When I arrived home, I read the cards. Many of them made me smile as I learned that I am a ”cool teacher” and a ”cool friend” ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow, on Valentine’s day, I know I shall not receive cards from my husband and family. Instead I will receive hugs and kisses – which are just as precious as the cards given to me by my students.

Will you receive Valnetine’s cards?

ยฉ Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

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37 thoughts on “Valentine Wishes

  1. A smashing post my daughter is headmistress of two schools in East Cambridgeshire uk. I have looked in to her face as she opens valentines from her students and know her husband needs to work to better the feeling that gets at that moment. But he always does. ๐Ÿ˜‡

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  2. This brings back sweet memories from elementary school. White bags emblazoned with red hearts and paper doilies (and names) hung around the classroom, waiting for those special notes. It was always a joyous day when we got to take them home. Hubby usually gets me a card, but a cold has gotten the better of him and we’ve agreed to have a Valentine day next week.


    1. If I remember, I will take a photo to show the Valentine crafts we did and which now adorn the classroom boards. The kids love them – but not as much as the bags containing their cards.
      It is miserably cold here for Valentine’s day and I don’t think many will be out and about tonight. Enjoy your celebration during the week Patti and hope hubby gets better soon.

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  3. The cool part is the rule that each child gives a card to everyone in class. This really helps for those shy kids or the loners. When I was in school, the Valentine cards were usually for your friends and sometimes a student was left feeling a certain type of way. On a second note, my mom had eight children and when I think of her buying over 200 cards for each child in school (or maybe at least 180 for the six that were in school all at one time), I laugh. We couldn’t afford it. Things are better now for kids in this aspect and I like that.


    1. The cards can certainly be inexpensive. I encouraged my own children to make their own cards and they spent hoours leading up to the day working on it. My eldest daughter would make drawings especially for each person in her class.


  4. Thanks for letting us truly feel the beauty of the energy that comes with v-day – like when you said they insisted you have your own bag- felt a smile ear to ear emerge! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

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  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Colline! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I’ll exchange cards with Mick (at least, we usually do! He’s still asleep ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Nothing fancy and only costing a few pence. When I go for the veg for Sunday lunch today I will probably buy myself a few flowers, if there are any left.


      1. Colline, your little students will have nothing but good memories from the time they spent in your class. They are lucky to have such a wonderfully talented and caring teacher.


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