Limiting Time

Interviews are done!

I am exhausted today after the meeting-the-parents marathon. Yesterday I saw most of my parents in the afternoon and evening during back-to-back sessions. We discussed their child’s progress, their child’s learning in the classroom, and a few ways in which they could improve their child’s French. The sessions without a break were tiring but they did have a positive side: because there was someone waiting, I was able to halt the conversations after fifteen minutes.

I could see that for some parents viewed the limited time with regret. I could see their desire to ask more questions and spend more time with me. They do know, however, that they may come and see me again before school and after school to chat or to have a look at their child’s portfolio.

Now that the business of the report cards and parent interviews is done, I can go back to spending my time on planning interesting and engaging activities for the children.

Do you at times limit the time you spend with people?Five-Minute-Friday-badge

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: limit)

6 thoughts on “Limiting Time

  1. Colline, I like your site. It is clean and inviting. Lots of white space!!! You are a school teacher and a new acquaintance. Oui? THAT is the extent of my French. Thanks for visiting and your encouragement. #fmfparty 21


    1. A persone does not realise how much work teaching is until they begin. And then they find out within the first week! It is tiring and plenty of work, but very fulfilling.


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