Inspiration Page Updated

I often begin my day with the question: What shall I blog today? When I turned to my Inspiration page this morning, I noticed that many of the events are no longer running (there were quite I few I had to delete). As a result, I hunted around the WordPress blogosphere looking for other challenges I may enjoy. I am happy to say that I found a few, added them to my page, and look forward to trying them out in the next few weeks. Do you participate in any events? Please let me know what they are in the comments and I can head on over to the host and see whether I would be able to particpate.

Do you enjoy participating in blogging events?

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11 thoughts on “Inspiration Page Updated

  1. I particularly like Cee’s photo challenges and I do the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. I also do Sunday Trees that Becca Givens hosts. On the writing end, Cee also does Share Your World, which is a weekly writing challenge and occasionally I participate in Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Prompt challenge.


    1. I enjoy Cee’s photo challenges and have participated from time to time. Her photos are interesting and I love that she gives some photographic tips for amateurs like me 🙂


  2. Hi Colline, each week I participate in a flash fiction challenge hosted by Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch Communications This week’s prompt is “Once upon a time”.
    Charli is also hosting a flash fiction contest that finishes on January 31 if you are interested.
    If you need a little fictional challenge I recommend these. The community of writers at the Carrot Ranch is very supportive.


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