Each day I seem to be running out of time. After the sun has gone down, I prepare dinner then eat it with my family. As we chat after the meal, I feel a rush of fatigie wash over me. The day is done, my energy levels are low – and I have not finished all that I set out to do. Deadlines loom, lessons need to be prepared, the family needs to be taken care of – and I still need to find time for me!

Time has come to be precious thing in our daily lives. Life is filled with too much work and not enough play. The years pass, the children grow up. Time does not wait for us to realise that we need to look after ourselves and spend minutes maintaining our mental and physical health.

Yes, I know I should be excercising; I know I should have “me” time. But where do I find it in a day that is filled to the brim with responsibilities?

I breathe. I surrender to the sleep that embraces me. I wake up. And try again the next day to find the time for me.

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeDo you feel that you run our of time?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: time)

28 thoughts on “Time

  1. Dear Colline,
    I so relate to the post-dinner fatigue that washes over us like a tidal wave every night!
    I believe while yes, there are those non-negotiable things we really need to do, there is the greatest pull of SEASONS dictating just how our hours, days, weeks, months, years should look.
    Praying for you that the Great I AM shows you all the goodness and adequate time He gives in your season right now.
    Your neighbor at 5minfri,


  2. Sounds like we are all sapped off our energy by the end of the day. Time just gets absorbed so much quicker than it earlier used to be.
    We need to find time for ourselves now and then 🙂 All the best to you

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  3. Colline, there is not, and probably never will be, enough time I thought when my children were grown and on their own, I would have too much time on my hands, but I seem busier than ever.

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    1. I think you make priorities when your children are smaller and you forgo having to do a lot. When I think about it, I don’t know how I would have coped with two young children and teaching young ones.

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  4. There’s so much I’d like to do in a day that it would be impossible to do everything I’d like to in one day. I realise this is the case and try to be practical as I prioritise. I recently heard something on the radio about how God gives us enough time to do what He wants us to do in a day. It’s a rather mysterious idea, but I am learning to understand that and act accordingly.


    1. Sometimes I think we need to change our expectations of ourselves and learn to proiritise. And part of that would be, I assume, figuring out what God would want us to do. Something which would get lost, I think, in the business of our days.


  5. I remember all too well feeling drained at the end of the day, Colline. Being so many things for so many people isn’t easy. It will get easier as your youngsters grow older but there’ll still be too much to involve yourself in. Me time is always way down that list 😦


  6. I enjoyed the way you wrote about time and feel similar – especially at certain times – and this week I was seeing the 16th on the calendar -and I felt the distant feel of wondering where the first half of the month went – my to do list has the same things (almost) as the first day of the year- but I am keeping priorities straight – ha! Or trying to – 🐇⏱⏱⏱


  7. I think this is a huge problem for so many people – I have no children at home but by the time my work day is done and the basic chores at home I’m so tired I’m ready for bed… It is a sad fact of the modern world I think


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