First Week Back

It has been the first week back to school and back to routine. After the first few hours on Monday, I felt like I had not been away from my classroom for two weeks. The routines were going smoothly in the classroom – and the children were surprisingly calm. The report card deadline looms and I wonder whether I should have kept my work folders closed during the Winter break. Despite the necessity to work this weekend, however, the first week of January has been a successful one in that my students have picked up where they left off in December, and I am keeping up to date with correcting their work and planning lessons. Now we look forward to cold winter days, and beginning a new inquiry in class.

HFive-Minute-Friday-badgeow has your first week of January been?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: first)

14 thoughts on “First Week Back

  1. I teach piano to 30 students and my first week back reminded me how tiring it is to talk to so many people every day. I admire teachers with all my heart. You give so much more to your job than is ever acknowledged.

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    1. It can be tiring talking the entire day. I have been teaching for a long time so I do not think about it anymore – but I guess that is why I don’t talk so much at home 🙂


  2. Happy first week back at school! I know restarting routines can be tricky. I don’t teach, but just getting my household back on a normal(-ish) schedule and getting back into the swing of working has been a change. Enjoyable, though.

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  3. As children, we hated going back to school but never gave our teachers a second thought. Of course, that would have meant we recognized that each had a life away from school. Glad that your first week back went so smoothly.


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