T.B.Markinson’s Latest Release

ACluelessWoman (3)I have recently read T.B. Markinson’s novel The Miracle Girl (my review is here) and already a new piece of writing is available to enjoy. You can now read the story linked to one of Markinson’s earlier works: A Woman Lost. 

This story centers on graduate student, Lizzie Petrie, who feels more comfortable around books than people. Although an expert in the Hitler Youth, she’s a novice in love. Her former lesbian lover is blackmailing her, and not even those closest to Lizzie know the full story of their abusive relationship.

When visiting high school English teacher Sarah crosses Lizzie’s path at the campus, their attraction is instant, but not without complications. As they start to spend more time together, suspicions arise from both women in this sexy piece of LGBT fiction.

Plenty of good-natured teasing takes place between lovers as well as between PhD students in this lesbian contemporary romance. No relationship path ever runs smoothly, and oftentimes, those who can’t keep their mouth shut hasten necessary confrontation.

Lizzie finds herself buried in a mess of lies in this romantic comedy. The harder she tries to keep Sarah and the rest of her friends from finding out the truth about her first girlfriend, the more endearingly clueless she becomes.

This story sounds like it will be a fun read. If you wish to get the first book in this series (A Woman Lost) for free, you can subscribe to TB’s Reader Group here. If you wish to read the current story in the series, you can buy the novel at the following links:

Amazon US       Amazon UK      Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia        Goodreads

You can follow T.B.Markinson at her blogs 50 Year Project or Making my Mark.


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