To Dwell

I try not to dwell on things that will upset the rhythm of my day – instead I try to focus on the positive. There are times, however, when my thoughts circle around the same occurance. Over and over and over again.

When my thoughts get stuck in a never-ending replay of a moment in time, I speak about it. My husband listens and says the same thing everytime: “Don’t let it upset you. It is not worth it.” He does not realise that I do not need him to fix the situation – all I need is for him to listen while I vent. I have come to appreciate my daughters for their listening ears. Now that they are teenagers, they realise that mommy also needs to express what upsets her.

I try not to dwell on things too much as I have learned that it can lead to feeling depressed. I have learned, instead, to reflect on all the good that is in my life. Thinking of the positive has certainly led to a certain contentment in my life.

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeWhat do you do to prevent yourself from dwelling on the negative?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: dwell)

34 thoughts on “To Dwell

  1. I think so many of us fall into this trap. I very much appreciate a lyric from a P!nk song – “Change the voices in your head” (the second verse is, “Make them like you instead,” which works well for negative self-talk). Changing the narrative in my head helps me change my thought processes and my overall outlook. Sometimes, this is hard to do without first venting – how wonderful that you have your daughters to turn to as a resource!


  2. I echo about what Michelle said about creative space. I started Bible journaling and that helps a lot. I’m able to interact with God’s Word through my prayers, questions (a lot of questions!) and comments.


  3. Isn’t it funny how men always want to fix things when what we usually need is for them to listen? It’s the nature of men, I guess, to want to do while it is in our nature to want to vent. I walk, I write, I play with photos, I read, and I take time to give thanks every day. Usually that works. 🙂


  4. I usually pick up a good book that is far, far removed from the topic bothering me and read non-stop until I’ve left behind me the world in which the problem reigned. Sometimes it has taken a couple of days to get the job done, but I keep reading. Thank God for good books and healthy eyes.

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  5. I had a whole of resentment against various people and have mostly let that go now and am concentrating on kindness to strangers. I haven’t thought this through properly but so far it is working!


    1. Negative comments made by the people we know always hurt the most – and the hardest thing is not allowing their negativity to upset your equilibrium. Good for you on finding a way to deal with this.

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