Book Review: The Miracle Girl by T.B.Markinson

TheMiracleGirl (1)I needed to relax a little and picking up T.B.Markinson’s latest novel, The Miracle Girl, was a good choice. The lighthearted read allowed me to enjoy a few hours on the sofa with my feet up and a warm cup of rooibos tea.

The protagonist of the story is JJ Cavendish, the miracle girl who works for a newspaper company. She returns to Denver after many years away from home and reconnects with the person who caused her to leave her hometown.

This story is about a woman who not only reconnects with the love of her past; but also about a woman who comes to terms with her past actions. The Miracle Girl is a romantic story between two women who learn to take a chance and believe in their love. In the writing of JJ’s story, the author makes reference to the changing role of journalists and their need to change the way in which they report the news.

I enjoyed this read. It is fast-paced and leaves no time for the reader to get bored. The well-written pages kept my attention for the entire afternoon until I had read the last paragraph. If you enjoy romance then this story is definitely one to pick up. (Note: As the novel is part of the LGBT genre, the sexual encounters between the characters are described as such.)

Have you read any of T.B.Markinson’s novels?

(T.B.Markinson blogs at 50 Year Project or Making my Mark)

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