Pray for Paris

As I sit here in front of my keyboard ready to write a blog post, my mind keeps returning to the events that happened last night in Paris. My first thought is one of horror and incredulity that this beautiful city has been attacked once again. I think of the terror people must have felt when they were attacked – innocent people that were enjoying themselves on a Friday evening with their friends or family. I shudder to think of the pain of those who mourn their loved ones. I imagine the panic that must have ensued when trying to find a sister, a brother, a best friend.

pray for paris

I am saddened by the knowledge that a country which has historically fought for freedom and that has upheld liberty in our modern times, is now under attack by the Islamic State. I pray that France will have the strength to continue to uphold their values; and that they will have the wisdom needed to combat the threat. I pray too that those Parisians who are Muslims and hope that they do not suffer from a backlash because of their religious beliefs. May those who live in Paris have the wisdom to know the difference between extremists and those who wish to live their daily lives in peace and freedom.

I pray for Paris during this time. And for our world. May all people learn to live in tolerance of one another’s religious beliefs.

(If you have missed the details of this horrific event, the article in The Guardian gives a good summary as well as the French president’s response to the attacks)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

18 thoughts on “Pray for Paris

  1. It’s a horror story to watch, Colline. We keep returning to news coverage and it is so distressing. I already had this morning’s post prepared and it was as much as I could do to send it out. We had spent a lovely evening and came home to this nightmare. Our son is at a concert tonight, in Manchester, but with all this evil in the world, who is safe?

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  2. It is a dreadful situation. There is no use in pouring invective on the fanatics – they sincerely believe that these disgusting atrocities are serving the interests of the highest power, and that they personally will have rewards after reducing themselves to fragments.
    No, the blame lies squarely with a religion open to such perverted interpretation (as has been Christianity as well) together with those who propagate the perversion. Those they have infected will have to be dealt with like rabid dogs, unfortunately, but they are also victims. Massive education is needed to point out the evil absurdity of the beliefs, and the mockery it makes of the deity they are supposed to honour.

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    1. I fear, colonialist, that not only education will be needed as people begin to feel the need to defend themselves against these radicals. I wait with trepidation to see how France will respond to this second attack.


      1. What I hope is that the world will see the need to move against not only the poor sick products of these revolting ideologies, but the very existence of the ideologies themselves in the forms which prompt such atrocities.

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    1. As with most religions, it is a sub-group that has decided to interpret the meaning of the religion to suit its purpose. Not all Muslims, for example, are militant and feel the need to kill those who do not believe as they do.

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