Weary yet Content

I look at my board and see that 47 teaching days have passed since the beginning of the school year. And I am weary. Days have melted into weeks giving me a sense of a neverending string of days. I work continuously on combining two curriculums (grade 1 and grade 2) and on creating interesting lessons and activities that will have meaning for the children in my class. There is so much I want to prepare – and yet there is so little time.

Today is a PA day – a day for teachers to work on report cards and to spend time in their classrooms. I am glad of it as I will take the time to catch up on my assessment, tidy up the mountain of paper on my desk and shelf, and work a little on my report cards. I am weary, and I have too much to do.

And yet I am content. I am enjoying the opportunity to put into place what I believe in: centres in the classroom; using inquiry as a way to create interest in the children; the importance of making the curriculum relevant; giving the child the opportunity to self-regulate; individualised and personal assessment. It is hard work in the beginning and yet I know the results will be worth it.

Yes, I am weary but I am content.

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeAre you weary?

ยฉ Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt:ย weary)

12 thoughts on “Weary yet Content

  1. I can understand your weary and your contentment. I sub, but I don’t have that paperwork, but so many of my friends do. I know how hard teachers work with little time for lunch. RUSH! RUSH! but impacting lives for the better.


  2. Yes, I am weary, and I’d also admit to being somewhat content. Thanks for being a teacherโ€”such an essential calling! I’m visiting from FMF, where also wrote about weary; I’m parked in the #18 spot this week.


  3. I loved those quiet days in my classroom. As much as I also loved the bustle and activity of it filled with kids, stopping, looking, noticing, breathing was so wonderful, too. Enjoy your day – hope it’s refreshing and productive!


  4. I was hoping to accomplish so much yesterday but I barely put a dent into my to do list. I was away a couple of weeks ago so I missed a mandatory workshop on reporting neglect and abuse so I started my day going to the board office to listen to the presentation on this topic. I’ve heard it all before but it’s one of those things you have to do every year. When I got to school I had to correct some problems with the report cards, as I’m the report card administrator and I had to call the Help Desk to get a problem resolved. The best part of the day was going out to lunch with colleagues. We don’t often do that because there isn’t a lot available to us as far as eateries go and lack of time is always a factor. When I got back I ordered some books for a reading program that we do each year, worked on my report cards and redid my timetable (which I’ll have to redo again) to accommodate an extra class that we acquired a month ago. At the end of the day I didn’t get to any of the mess in my office or the processing of the new library books that arrived last week. C’est la vie!

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