A Dance Dream

Before I woke up this morning, I was in a beautiful dream. Or more a memory. I was dancing the way I used to: gliding across the floor in time to the music. I was with the friends I used to spend time with at dance socials, lessons, and competitions. I glowed with the pleasure I felt while moving to music.

Dance is something that I miss in my life – and I have for a long time. My husband and I mention, from time to time, that we should dance again (we met through dance). And yet it seems impossible at the moment. Our girls are older now and yet the responsibilities of work tire us both. I know the time will come when we shalll dance again – and have the courage to find places to do so in this city we have moved to.

In the meantime I shall dream of dance and listen to the music that takes me back to the time when I moved energetically and gracefully on the dance floor.

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeDo you dance?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Dance)

17 thoughts on “A Dance Dream

  1. My husband and I used to talk about doing dance lessons together but didn’t get around to it before we had my daughter. Like you it will now have to wait to a later season in life! I hope that time comes quickly for you.

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  2. Oh Colline, don’t wait to long. I love to dance. As a child my breither and I belonged to a square dance group. I did ballet into my thirties, jazzercise, dance with my husband, dance by myself. I love to dance while cleaning as it makes the chore less boring.


      1. That is pretty cool that u met thru dancing! And Sylvia recently shared that her courting had a dance at the start – different than your dancing together regularly – anyhow – kid mode changes things and those schedules change – but as empty nesters you might be back into it


  3. My husband and I have always enjoyed dancing and we took lessons together several years ago. It was a birthday present to me but it grew and for 14 months we took lessons. We loved it but it became too expensive to continue. Unfortunately when the dance studio found out we needed to take a break they became very cold towards us and it left a bad taste in our mouths. We never went back.


    1. It can be a very expensive exercise – which is why we have not gone dancing since our arrival in Toronto.
      The dance studio was not very far-sighted. They not only lost you as dancers but also any potential couples you may have recommended.

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