Grateful for Healing Process

A few weeks ago my daughter had dental surgery. She was nervous when she went in for her appointment and with reason: she was to have two teeth pulled in preparation for her braces; an extra tooth was to be extracted that was pushing against her front teeth; and gum was to be cut away from the top of her far back teeth.

My daughter was a trooper. She came out of the surgery a little swollen and a lot sore. The pain increased as time passed but she distracted herself from it by watching TV. The days after the surgery caused her plenty of discomfort when eating and I watched her lose weight. I offered her blended soups to eat, lentil soup, mashed carrot and potato, scrambled egg, porridge, and yoghurt. Last last week I mashed rice and pasta for her.

During the weekend she ate food that had not been mashed or blended. Roast chicken and potatoes were on the menu. The squash was still soft but her rice was unmashed. To celebrate my husband bought her cake for dessert.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015
Dessert. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

This week I am grateful that my daughter’s mouth is back to normal and that I do not have to spend extra time in the kitchen preparing food for her.

What have you been grateful for this week?

Last week:

Jaqueline was grateful for God’s Mercy.

Lavender Ladi was grateful for make believe.

Processed with Rookie© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(Join me and share something that you have been grateful for in the past week. Link up with my post and feel free to use the badge my daughter created. )

I enjoy reading what others are grateful for – the posts make me think of other things I am happy to have in my life. Please remember to send me a pingback so that I know you have participated.


28 thoughts on “Grateful for Healing Process

  1. After a recent surgery, I was on a liquid diet for a week, and it is no fun. Even the most lovingly prepared food loses its appeal when mashed or blended. Sometimes we fail to appreciate how much pleasure we get from simply eating! So glad your daughter is back to chewing again.


  2. Teeth being pulled is a scary process. I remember it as a teen myself. So glad she came through to the celebration of cake! You are a good mama! I’m thankful this week that our son is swallowing teeny tiny bites of meat, fruit, and vegetables for the first time in his life. Baby steps are hard though. We are going through “food rehab” all of November. Prayers as it is a tiring daily grind with long commutes to and from the city. Emotionally and physically exhausted are we. (Yoda-ism) 😉


  3. You daughter was very brave and deserved every moment of special treatment she got. I am pleased that her mouth is now back to normal and she can eat regular food again. A chocolate cake was a great way to celebrate.


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