Reflection on Blackboard Scribbles

As I reflect on the last 31 days of writing Blackboard Scribbles, I realise that I did not write all that I thought I would. This year I found some of the prompts strange and had to think hard to write relevant material (I am thinking of prompts such as purple and bacon). As a result, I wrote a few posts late and ended my series of 31 days in the month of November.

Despite the difficulty I had with some of the prompts, I did find that voicing some of the thoughts I have about teaching to be a useful exercise. Thinking back on my teaching experience reminded me as well of the good that I have done in the past. Reflecting on the past gives me the encouragement to work towards the future of those I spend my days with in the present.

What are your thoughts on my latest series? Did you enjoy reading it? Would you enjoy reading more about my teaching experience?

photo (52)© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

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13 thoughts on “Reflection on Blackboard Scribbles

  1. Always thought teachers needed to be special people . You’re one Colline . I’ve enjoyed reading your experiences , your little charges are very lucky indeed .


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