Day 26: Reminder to Whisper


One of the skills I need to teach the young ones in my care is whispering. In the excitement of play or work, voices are raised unintentionally. The din in the classroom at times becomes unbearable as many voices fight to be heard over one another.

I clap my hands. The children respond with clapping hands.

“Chuchoter les amis.”

The noise level quietens for a while and I am able to continue working with children in small groups. I know that in a while, though, another reminder will be needed.

photo (52)Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was written for the FMF 31 day challenge hosted by Kate Motaung. Today’s prompt: whisper)

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19 thoughts on “Day 26: Reminder to Whisper

  1. French language is such a beautiful language. I wish we had it as a subject when I went to school Colline. I would have loved to learn how to speak it.

    Is it a French class you had?

    Around here there are no such things as whispering. LOL! Tweety, the African Grey is the loudest of all. Maybe he needs to be in your class as well. πŸ˜†


    1. I teach in a French Immersion school Sonel (French here is one of the official languages). The children learn everything in French (reading, writing, science, maths, etc) while they are learning the language. So everything that I do with the children is in French.

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  2. Well that’s a new word I have learnt Colline, must have replaced Shush and Quiet, your words sounds a lot less harsh and probably is heeded to better, until next time.
    Kind regards.


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