Day 16: The Other Side

My teaching experience has come from two countries that are on the opposite side of the world. Which experience is better, you may ask? Is one an experience of “greener pastures”? Is one the better, the more enriching?

When I compare the differences of the schools I have taught at, I realise that both have given me enriching experiences. At the street school I taught at in South Africa, I learned much about the hardships that many people of the country experienced at that time. My students helped me become politically aware. My gratitude for my childhood grew and I became aware of the advantages I had had growing up. I thrived in an environment that allowed me to take initiative and which fed my desire to change the world.

My experience at a government school in Toronto is vastly different. Working for a Canadian school board, I have access to more resources than I have ever had: books, mentors, workshops for teachers. In addition, I currently work at a school in which the parents have the means to support me with what I wish to do in the classroom. The result is that I work at bringing an even more enriching experience to the children in my class.

On which side is the grass greener? Neither. I believe the experience in both countries has led me to become the teacher that I am today.

photo (52)© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was written for the FMF 31 day challenge hosted by Kate Motaung. Today’s prompt: green)

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15 thoughts on “Day 16: The Other Side

  1. I love that God made it so all of our experiences, good,bad and even the ugly make us who we are as we grow. That’s a great perspective on your teaching experiences. Following you at FMF where hubby and I are at the 30 spot today.


    1. I also believe that He leads us to experience those things that we need to make us a better person. I certainly never though that my life would lead to where I am today.


  2. I also think that neither side is greener as you have learnt or enjoyed some things about them. However, sometimes we only appreciate what we had afterwards, but being content with what we have at any given time is to be commended.


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