Grateful for Thanksgiving Weekend

Last weekend Thanksgiving was ceclebrated in Canada. Even though we were not brought up celebrating this holiday, my husband and I take the opportunity to spend some time with our children. On Sunday afternoon my stepson came over and the five of us had dinner together (which is our usual Sunday ritual). The Sunday routine was extended, however, by a few hours as my daughters and I did not have to go to school the next day. After dinner we settled in to continue watching “The Legend of Korra”, an anime series that we are currently watching. The family time together on the sofa reminded us of a Christmas we had spent together watching the series that comes before this one: “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. (For my post on this gripping series, click here.)

The family time continued on Monday as we lunched together, watched more of Korra’s Story, and ate dinner as a family. It is not often that the five of us are able to spend so much time with each other. I am grateful that we had the opportunity to do so this weekend.

What have you been grateful for this week?

Last week:

Lavender Ladi was grateful for thankful for family time.

Kat was grateful for her momma.

Pur Vida was grateful for family and all they teach.

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(Join me and share something that you have been grateful for in the past week. Link up with my post and feel free to use the badge my daughter created. )

I enjoy reading what others are grateful for – the posts make me think of other things I am happy to have in my life. Please remember to send me a pingback so that I know you have participated.


15 thoughts on “Grateful for Thanksgiving Weekend

      1. Some of us are in our 2nd or 3rd Childhood Colline 😉 My Son is a teenager too – he quite likes some of the short independent things you find on YouTube. Battlefield Friends is a series that is quite amusing – based on the joys of playing the Battlefield computer game, it’s a bit of a sticom around the Noob and Experienced player of the game.


  1. Beautiful to read of a family sharing time together as a family, used to be a normal routine in days gone bye. Lovely to visualize your get together on the sofa sharing a movie together.
    Kind regards.


  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend Colline. Youngest son and I also love to watch the Legend of Korra series. Very entertaining for sure. 😀 ♥


      1. Great! Sounds like fun, but I do prefer watching it. 😀

        Oh yes and it sure is brilliant. I do prefer Legend of Korra though. At this stage we’re busy watching The Jungle book. 😆

        Liked by 1 person

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