Day 12: Unpredictable Days

While teaching I have experienced many predictable days – especially once the class has found its rhythm and the days seem to move forward on their own. There are, however, unpredictable days in which the students do not behave as you would expect them to. Days in which, for no apparent reason, the children are over-excited or restless. Days in which, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get the class interested in what you have planned.

When I taught at the high school in South Africa, the reason often became apparent after a class discussion. I remember students expressing fear for their safety on their journey home – or even fear that their home and belongings would be destroyed while they were at school. Now that I teach younger children, I find that the reason is easier to decipher: excitement cannot be contained if there is a special event at school; warmer days seem to bring out the restless energy in them; and a snowfall brings unbearable excitement.

Unpredictabe days are not frrequent, however, at the school I currently teach. Instead once the first stormy weeks of settling in are over and a routine is established, the days move along with a predictability I find comforting.

photo (52)© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was written for the FMF 31 day challenge hosted by Kate Motaung. Today’s prompt: stormy)

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8 thoughts on “Day 12: Unpredictable Days

  1. I agree Colline. Predictability can be quite comforting. I just don’t know if I would have the patience you have with the kids. Maybe when I was younger, but definitely not now. 😆


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