Day 11: Reason for Rest

“Being a teacher is so easy. And you get so many holidays.” These are words that I have often heard over the years. I have learned not to get upset by comments such as these as I have realised that they come from a position of ignorance.

Working with children is draining. Plenty of energy is given each day to guiding them, reminding them how to behave, encouraging them to work on their activities. Teachers spend most of the day talking and giving of themselves. The day often ends with a sigh, the week with a smile at the sleep-in on Saturday. By the time the term ends, teachers do need the break and the chance to rest as fatigue has set in. The school holidays are a chance for us to recharge our batteries so that we can continue with our daily work.

My response to those who comment on how many holidays teachers get? Do my job for a week, and you will see why we need them.

photo (52)© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was written for the FMF 31 day challenge hosted by Kate Motaung. Today’s prompt: rest)

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19 thoughts on “Day 11: Reason for Rest

  1. Ha,ha,ha, my mother was a teacher and she had ample free time like in the evenings marking test papers or essays, free time like during holidays preparing herself for the next term. A true teacher is free to make him/herself a prisoner of a dedicated vocation – that is the only free time at their disposal. I SALUTE THEM.


  2. The same comments here, in Sweden. I try not to listen anymore – and the answer is the same as yours: “Do my job for a week…” This Spring five of us at my school took a year off or quit. It doesn’t matter how much I love my students and my job – with all the paper work and big classes, this work takes its toll. I’m just trying to find myself again. Thank you for this text.

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  3. I agree Colline and yes, you have more holidays in a year but you definitely deserve them. It doesn’t mean that you go home and relax after a school day. Sometimes you work when everyone is already sleeping to get ready for the next day. Being a teacher is definitely not easy. My stepmother was a teacher and I know all the hard work she put in. She was at Meerhof school here in Hartbeespoort. A school for paraplegics. I admire teachers like you who give so much and work so hard and you’re right, people who talk like that doesn’t have a clue. 😀

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  4. Most parents cringe at the thought of having more than one or two children over for a playdate, and then need some time to recuperate. I volunteered in the classroom for many years, and saw first hand what our amazing teachers do, day in and day out.


    1. The best way to know what is happening in the classroom without being a teacher is to volunteer. I enjoy having volunteers in the class as they can help with reading and vocabulary games.


  5. Agree with you there Colline, very naive people could only think that at the end of the school day, that the teachers go home, or their weekends are stress free, even the terms are not completely free from school commitments. Teaching is are truly dedicated profession.


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