Phoenix Flora

photo 2 (95)At the beginning of my summer break, my children and I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. On our first day there, the children and I took a walk around the hotel and its environs. As I expected, we saw a variety of cactus-like plants in the flower beds. Some I had not seen before and were interesting to look at. We also saw interesting looking insects buzzing around the plants but they were too fast to capture in a picture.

photo 1 (95)Some of the cacti I recognised from South Africa. These were surrounded by small yellow flowers in the bed (these I had not seen before). I noticed as well that the bed was covered in small stones – probably to help keep the moisture in the soil. The look definitely added a desert-like feel to the arrangement – as did the overwhelming heat. The heat was dry and was preferable to the humidity we experience in Toronto.

photo 4 (60)What I did not expect to see in Phoenix were the palm trees that line many walkways. Palm trees make me think of warm islands and ocean beaches; not of deserts and large cities. I would expect to see these plants in a place like Miami; not in a place situated in Arizona. I did learn later that these trees are not indigenous to this southern state in America.

photo 3 (76)We enjoyed our walk but were eager to go back to our air-conditioned room, change into our swimsuits, and go to the pool for a refreshing swim. With the temperatures above 40 degrees centigrade, it was advised that we avoid visiting the botanical gardens. We took the advice and preferred to leave that visit for another time. We did have a taste of the flora, though, on our walk.

cees-fun-fotoDo you enjoy looking at desert flora?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was inspired by Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. The prompt for this week is sense of seeing.)

7 thoughts on “Phoenix Flora

  1. I live in Phoenix, Arizona! And it is HOT in the summer. However, I totally enjoy our winters. I am a New York native but have lived here for 31 years. I also have to add that it helps that we can drive less than two hours north and be in cooler weather since the altitude is higher.

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  2. Colline, Phoenix is fantastic! I’ve been there in April, May, and February. February was terrific. Cool enough for a jacket or sweater in the morning, but warming up quickly by noon. You absolutely must go back and visit the desert botanical gardens – simply amazing. Also, on your next visit, climb Camelback. It’s a tough climb in places, but totally worthwhile. The trail is clearly marked all the way to the top. Squaw Peak is another climb, but tougher on the feet. I would definitely recommend hiking boots for all, though many do climb in sneakers. There is an abundance of fabulous food of all kinds in the many restaurants. Sedona is a nice ride through the desert and the hiking is terrific. The colors in the rock create breathtaking sights.

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