Apple of Her Eye

She said I was the apple of her eye. She said that no one would ever replace me; that she would never cherish anyone as much as she did me. All through my childhood I remember her being there: catching me before I fell, giving me what I wanted before I even knew it myself. There is not a moment in my life when I do not remember her being there. I was the apple of her eye; but she had been my rock.

She has forgotten those words she said to me so long ago.

I am a middle aged man now and no longer live with her. Instead I have set up a home with a woman I love more than life itself. We are happy, my love and I, and we decided to complete our happiness with a child of our own. He was born a year ago and, from that day on, I noticed the change.

He became the center of her attention. He was the one she would coo at, the one she wanted to spend time with, the one she would look out for. She cast me aside, saying that my wife should be the one to look after me.  She had said that I would always be the apple of her eye; but now she cherishes my son more than me. I look at her holding my child and realise that this is the way it should be. I hold my wife close to me, secure in the knowledge that my boy will have three adults to watch over him and give him what he needs before he even realises it.

Who is the apple of your eye?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This flash fiction was inspired by Laura’s Literary Lions prompt: Eye)

27 thoughts on “Apple of Her Eye

  1. It’s a fine line, all the emotions I bet you have as a parent. I often think that there’s such an interesting shift between couples when they have a child too, because quite often they create something together that they will ultimately love more than each other. It’s interesting… great story.

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  2. Beautiful Colline, and that’s how it should be, love from a mother to a grandson, good piece of fiction that can be seen in every day life, if people want to see it.


    1. The man, the mother of the man, the man’s wife and the man’s child. The story is about the shift of a mother’s undivided focus from that of her child (who is now grown) to that of her grandchild.

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