Time to Leave

“I was sure we would have enough time.”

“One thing I have learned is that one always runs out of time.”

The two women hurriedly completed their task. When  they had begun their plan weeks ago, they had been confident they would succeed. Weeks had passed quickly and the time to leave had arrived.

“I am scared. What if it doesn’t work?”

Hugging her daughter close to her, Mia whispered, “It has to. If it doesn’t, we will be separated and never see one another again. I could not bear to lose you.”

Today was the perfect day to implement the plan whispered in the dark hours of the night. Nathan was off ship and the guards left behind were not his best. They would be easy to evade for they had not yet learned the desperate measures prisoners take.

They crept out of their cell. As Nathan’s favourites, they had free reign on this floor. Yet they were still prisoners: their freedoms had been taken away from them, their choices made for them. Mia had been content to let the status quo continue. Nathan had given her a child and the last eighteen years had been more than bearable as she had watched their daughter grow and blossom. But now he wanted to send her angel away! Barter her for the goodwill of the Oxford clan! That she could not bear: to send her daughter to a prison worse than the one she had been born in. At least Nathan treated his prisoners well. What she had heard about Darkin made her shudder.

They reached the bay where the smaller ships were kept. As expected, it was quiet – not much happened in the dead of the night when the commander was away. They entered a small pod. Looking at the console, she saw that little had changed in the last twenty years since she had been captured. Mapping their course, she whispered a prayer of hope.

“If we are to be caught, this is when it will happen. Hold on tight and may the gods be with us.”

At first, the soft hum of the pod went unoticed. Yells echoed across the bay as the small ship moved towards the exit but Mia’s flying skills evaded the hasty attempts of those on board to recapture her. They looked on in despair as their leader’s favourite disappeared into dark space.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This flash fiction was inspired by Laura’s Literary Lions prompt: Time)

24 thoughts on “Time to Leave

    1. I will work on this one after I have completed the one I have begun. As promised, I am taking the time during my vacation to complete a story I have begun. I will let you know when I am done 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. There’s good imagination in this piece! I hope you do find the time to take it to a longer story, but I do also like that you leave a lot to the reader’s imagination too. I did smile when you mentioned Oxford clan, I’m from Oxford in England originally 😉


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