The Summer Vacation Begins

The school year is over! On Friday I handed in my classroom keys for the summer and walked through the exit doors with pleasure. Like everyone else in the school, I am looking forward to the break: getting up late, going for walks, shopping with my girls, going to the cinema, reading, and relaxing. I will take the time to do some chores that have been on my list for a while; and I will make connections with friends I have not seen for a while.

During the first week of our summer vacation, my daughters and I will have an unexpected experience. We decided to accompany my husband on a business trip to Phoenix, Arizona. This will be my first foray into the United States and I am interested to see what the people are like and to explore the environment they live in. We will be gone for a week and – even though it promises to be really hot – we hope to do a little sightseeing.

After Phoenix, we will see how the summer unfolds. But whatever happens, I am hoping to get plenty of rest in.

What are your plans for the summer?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015


42 thoughts on “The Summer Vacation Begins

  1. Have a great summer Colline! I’ve never been to Arizona so I can’t recommend any places to see but it is hot so be prepared. If you’re in the dessert I’m sure you’ll see some beautiful cacti to photograph. Enjoy!


    1. We have been warned about the heat and have been told we should do indoor activities. We will have to see when we get there if we would be able to tolerate the heat and foray into the desert.


  2. Sounds like that work to summer fun was a good transition! Enjoy the USA! I have heard Phoenix is lovely! Bring sun block. Have fun! Jenn


  3. Best wishes for a great holiday in Phoenix Arizona Colline.
    Maybe I see too many John Wayne movies, but Arizona gives rise to imaginations of Mesa’s and deserts and old ghost towns.
    Enjoy your break and look forward to your return.

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  4. Enjoy it Colline – the desert sunsets can be really glorious and when the sun goes down the heat dissipates pretty quickly – enjoy it and remember Arizona is a world unto itself so don’t judge all of the US by it!!!


    1. I loved the visit Tina. The people were so friendly – definitely different to the people I have experienced in the airports while on transit to another country!


  5. Haven’t been to Phoenix in years. We used to have soccer tournaments there and it was blistering hot. I’m sure it’s changed in the past 30 years. Still hot, though. Have fun and happy summer vacation.


  6. Colline, when we were in Phoenix, we got up early and did our sightseeing before lunch. In the afternoon, it was off to the pool with plenty of sunscreen, a good book, and a table or chair in the shade. Have fun.


    1. That is what we did Michelle. The midday sun is just too warm to sit out in. We swam in the early morning too – my girls could not resist the outdoor pool as their experience in Toronto is mainly of indoor pools.

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    1. You are right Frank – it was a tad warm 🙂 Reminded me of the heat I had experienced in the northern parts of South Africa. I do admit to prefering dry heat to the humidity I am currently experiencing here in Toronto.


  7. Have a great break Colline. I know that teachers don’t have that much time away as there is always the next term to prepare for, so make the most of it 🙂

    I’m sure there will be much to explore and I look forward to seeing your photos and reading your tales 🙂


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