Cloud Gazing

I stare up at the big, blue sky and watch the clouds scudding across the vast space. “Look mommy, do you see the dinosaur?” I see it, and remember the times when as I child I used to cloud watch. I remember the simple pleasure of lying on the grass, arms and legs outspread, and just being. I remember feeling the sun beating down on my body and the cool breeze blowing across my face. I turn my face and look at my children experiencing the same pleasure that I used to. Then I look back up at the clouds and give myself over to the pleasure of lying in the sun on the grass and experiencing the moment. I know that now when I think of cloud gazing, I will not only remember my childhood but also the magic of looking up at the sky with my own children.

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeDo you enjoy cloud gazing?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Blue)


23 thoughts on “Cloud Gazing

  1. Great blog post, Colline! I enjoy cloud gazing. The most incredible cloud formation I ever laid my eyes on – appeared on a flight from Brazil to Europe: A castle with a lake below. A T-Rex walking at the lakeside… Consider the setting sun’s pinkish glow in contrast with the greyish clouds. It was an amazing view.

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      1. It was a real (cloud) gem on this flight. I fully agree with your reason to take a window seat, Colline. The second reason is – that I don’t like losing contact with the world outside.

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  2. Beautiful, especially the way you connect your childhood with your motherhood. I do indeed enjoy cloud gazing. I do it almost every day. We get some amazing cloud formations here.


  3. I certainly love cloud gazing. As a kid, I’d look up at the clouds and try to see which animals the clouds in the sky look like. Sometimes they’d look like a dog, sometimes a snake. Other times Yoshi the dinosaur from the Super Mario characters. These days, I look up at the clouds and still try to guess what animals the clouds look like. There’s always a kid in me 🙂


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