Mending Fences

PHOTO PROMPT -© Marie Gail Stratford
PHOTO PROMPT -© Marie Gail Stratford

Mending fences was not his favourite task: the sharpness of the wire and the plants’ brittle stems made for potential injury. The work reminded him of his childhood friend who had believed in his own untried strength. He would never forget the gaping wound, nor his friend’s pale face as he bled out. Carefully and efficiently, the farmer completed the necessary repair. Prevention of more injuries was paramount. As soon as planting began, the land would become treachourous for ignorant stragglers and he had no wish to spend time in the courtroom. Once had been enough.

friday-fictioneers-badge Why do you think he had been in a courtroom?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was inspired by Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. The challenge asks for bloggers to write a story in 100 words or less in response to the photo prompt.)


37 thoughts on “Mending Fences

  1. Neat. I focused on the fence, too. Barbed-wire brought me back to my youth. Why had he been in court? My guess is that people would try to climb through the fence to steal the crop (free food), get hurt and then sue the farmer for getting hurt on his property. We are such a litigious society!


      1. I lived by a farm that grew corn. Every year people would stop on the side of the road to steal fresh ears of corn rather than buy corn from the farm stand down the road. I don’t know if they were just cheap or poor…

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    1. I imagine that it would have been linked to what happened to his friend who died while working on the fences with him. Imagine how upset the [arents would have been – so upset that they would have sued.


      1. Yep, for sure. Hope you are well, Colline and enjoying `finally`warmer weather. My friends had lovely photos of the cherry trees at High Park…so lucky…I`m off today to see if I can see apple blossoms in my son`s area in Rougemont.


  2. Can’t say why he was in court (unless its a negligence claim for having dangerous fences), but I can say that I thought this was nicely done. The dramatic memory matched with the calm but serious approach to his fencing worked well 🙂


    1. Thank you. 🙂 I imagine him working the fences now because of what he experienced as a young man with his friend who was injured. I would have to work a bit on this part of the story.

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  3. Well written. A short piece of writing with some unanswered questions. Makes it interesting to think about the situation. 🙂


  4. I imagine it was because he was somehow responsible for the injury that killed his friend. Either that or he was giving evidence as to what happened in that case. I’d say as a result of the death and subsequent court case he well knows the dangers of fencing. I do too as when we had our farm our next door neighbour lost his eye as a result of a fencing accident. It always made me very wary when we did our own fences. Why the land is treachorous for ignorant stragglers once the planting is done has got me wondering what on earth are you planting and who are the stragglers?


    1. I haven’t thought about what the farmer would be planting but I always imagine them using large and powerful machinery that would hurt those who had wandered unnoticed into the field: those who are hungry, or homeless, or evading some sort of threat.

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  5. Found guilty or innocent I wonder? Linked (excuse the pun) to his friend’s death. But his court appearance could also be about the ignorant stragglers. But I think he does it not to keep out of court so much as a tribute to his childhood friend.
    Great story, Colline, there is lots that could be expanded. You packed a lot into 100 words! Well done.


      1. When I first saw this, I said blathering me could never tell a story in 100 words! But as I did longer flash fiction, I realized that I had learned to pare down to the necessary.
        Yes, it is good to say much in so little words. You are quite good at it.

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  6. By reading the comments, I learned what you meant with the dangers and the court… but my first read without the comments gave me the association with a very dangerous crop (where stragglers are in danger)–some sort of monster plant like Aubrey from the little shop of horrors. The MC’s memory and worry are tangible, great story.

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  7. Dear Colline,

    I focused on the barbed wire, too. As I said, it takes me to a particular place.

    I have to wonder why the MC ended up in court? To testify or defend himself? You leave much to the imagination. Well done.




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