Done and Rested

Good day to everyone,

My assignment submitted and my course completed, my mind needed a rest  – and I took it for a couple of weeks. I read a few books, crocheted a little and began watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix (no, I had not watched it before). The rest has done me good and I am now mentally ready to write again. I think the climbing temperatures also have contributed to my well-being – I love standing outside with the sun warming my face sans the winter gear that we have been wearing for the past months.

I will slowly get back into my daily blogging and will begin with a few catch-up posts that I had planned before my break. It will be good to communicate with you all again and I look forward to catching up.

Enjoy the rest of your day and keep smiling


20 thoughts on “Done and Rested

  1. Welcome back dear Colline, I am so glad to see you again. I was thinking of you, yesterday 🙂 Seems that it was a nice time you had. I just missed you, your daily writing… Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia


  2. Glad you enjoyed your rest. So many of us seem to find it hard to just take time for rest, and it’s such a healthy thing for us. I’m glad you’ve been successful in doing it, and I bet your writing energy is running high right now. Looking forward to seeing posts from you again.


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