Winter Nostalgia

Winter in Toronto makes me homesick. The icy winds, the trudges in the slush and the treacherous ice remind me of the place I grew up in where daytime temperatures are above zero. On the days that I don’t feel warm outside no matter how many layers I put on, I long for the winter sun of my birthplace.

Winter also makes me nostalgic for family.

The short, cold winter days encourage me to think of the loved ones I left behind in South Africa. I remember the visits to family and friends: the conversations and meals we had together outside – winter or summer. I remember fondly the braais (barbecues), the games, and the conversations long into the night.

Winter is difficult on so many levels: the temperatures, the grey days, and the lack of family. The advent of spring brings not only warmer weather, but also the desire to go out and visit places – a desire that helps to fill the void left by the lack of close family nearby.

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeWhat nostalgia do you experience during winter?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

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25 thoughts on “Winter Nostalgia

    1. I always appreciated the sun when growing up – now I long for it. We have been experiencing extremely cold temperatures this winter and March seems to be continuing the pattern. We are all hoping for a warm summer this year.


  1. How nicely expressed, dear Colline. I can almost understand… Ah these memories… winter days especially in white, I always remember my Dad… how we walked together in snowy days of Istanbul… of course it’s been many years ago and I miss him so much. Our walking hours, and our talking… Thank you dear Colline, have a nice weekend, love, nia

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  2. Ah, braais! I enjoyed that grilling when I lived in South Africa. Nostalgia in winter? I miss the Zambian cold weather where the ‘layers’ I needed were a pair of tights and a jersey. The cold weather days are also not as short or as dark as here.


  3. Colline-
    I didn’t realize you were from South Africa! As a Florida girl, I know what that contrast is like too…when we lived in the Midwest of Kansas with long winters, grey days, cold, and isolating months…I so longed for family and for spring! I will pray you see hints of warmth and flowers soon…so you can braais with others very soon! Warm hugs from FL! Jenn

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  4. Colline,
    The warm winter sun in Pretoria, where we used to play out on the stoop, snakes and ladders during the long, cold July holidays; thats what you have reminded me of. Pick up sticks, ludo and chinese checkers, with my mother cooking mid day lunch in the kitchen. Here in England we have South Africa shops run by South Africans and they have a butcher shop, making wors too. T bone steaks too. Koeksisters and melktert on order as well as all the old fridge tart recepies, They import marie biscuits, peppermint crisps etc. Etc. I say……. Bring back the Sun!!! Liz


  5. Well that’s a huge adjustment in temperature you’ve made from South Africa to Ontario! And this year in Alberta, it seems like we’ve swapped weather with you guys. It’s been a welcome change for us, though not so great for you :-/ But hang in there, Colline! I’m sure spring is just around the corner for us all 🙂 ♥ ❤


  6. I don’t blame you for feeling homesick Colline. I am sure I would feel the same, especially when i am in a place where it snows. I love the cold, but I don’t think that icy cold would agree with me. I grew up in Kimberley here in South Africa and that place can become very cold. We even had a little bit of snow one year, but before the flakes hit the ground, they’ve already melted. 😆

    You will know that some places here in SA do get snow. I grew up with my grandmother and father in Harrismith and there was always snow on the Platberg mountains in the winter. My grandfather used to take us there and we’d play in the snow. Those are the times I remember in winter. Seems we love our nostalgia. 😆

    Great post hon and thanks for sharing. ♥ Hugs ♥


  7. Well crafted Colline. Winter is time to reflect for me. Funny, but it makes me nostalgic about my childhood too. i remember a house by the coast and brisk wind and a fire place at my grandparents’ house. Your writing made me nostalgic though we are in May now. Sorry for all the delays on my part, Colline. Life is sometimes a bit challenging.


    1. Winter seems to encourage reflection doesn’t it? It may be because we are all hibernating in our warm homes 🙂
      Your delays in reading and responding are understood Paula. I find, too, that life often gets in the way of my blogging.


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