The Changing Seasons: February 2015

Last month I shared some pictures of our local park – a park that I walk by everyday to and from my place of work. The scene during the month of February has changed and become white as we have had a few snowfalls this month. The pictures below were taken on 4 February at 3:45pm.

The bicycle racks always capture my attention as they become covered with snow. I wonder whether they will be in working order in the spring, or whether they will be too rusted to move.

Not many children play in the park this year. Not because it is too cold for the children (they are well protected in the snow pants) but because parents and caregivers do not want to stand outside in the chilly weather. It is a pity, though, as the park looks beautiful at this time of year.

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thechangingseasons challengeDo you visit snow-covered parks?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post is inspired by Cardinal Guzman’s Monthly Challenge: The Changing Seasons)

24 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: February 2015

        1. I will. The idea is to show you the same place every month throughout the year. You are welcome to join in the challenge any time – I would love to see some South African places again 🙂


    1. My girls did and, of course, I stayed out as long as I could. They did not feel the cold as I did because they were better dressed and were moving while at play.


  1. yeah – I bet it must be cold for the parents to stand out and supervise – and well I just saw on the news that Boston subways have had some “snow rage” incidents – and that just came to my mind when you mentioned the cold…
    and your pics are nice – with the untouched snow on equipment and then some footprints whispering some traffic has been thru the area…


      1. I don;t really know much about the story – just saw it in passing – but the camera caught the folks fighting and the title said snow rage – and I assume it was being cooped up too much ??? I dunno


  2. Aaahh! I remember your snow pictures from last year. 😀 Here they are again! 🙂 We had very little of snow here in Crete, Greece last week. The Greeks said it took 10 years that they experienced snow again.

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