Sharing with Love

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeSharing benefits all: the person (or community) who does the sharing, and the person (or community) who receives. Sharing helps to stimulate that sense of community, of belonging, of being included and of being in the right place. When we share, there is no struggle for power, for who is right or wrong. Instead the feeling of togetherness allows for the flow of ideas and gives one a sense of security.

Or at least it should.

One should always share with a giving heart. If resentment is behind the sharing, it can pervade the experience and take away its beauty. If superiority is behind the sharing, pride can take over. If duty is behind the sharing, the giver will not receive all the potential blessings.

Instead share with love.; share with the thought of no return; share as Jesus did when he fed the multitude. Share with a giving and loving heart and the unexpected blessings received will be many.

What are your thoughts on sharing?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

(This post was written for the FMF prompt: Share)

18 thoughts on “Sharing with Love

  1. Yes, share as Jesus did. Sharing is a risk, but if we are willing to let go of ourselves, great things can happen through it. We were designed to share with each other. Great food for thought… I’m so glad I stopped by! Loved your post~ 🙂 Happy Friday!


  2. Colline – you wrote so much in such a small chunk (again!) you really have a nice way with brevity and substance. 🙂
    and I agree with you on all points – sharing (or giving – serving – and investing in others) well it really gets all muddied when people make it obligatory or legalistic – but how sad it is for those who have never learned the value – and joy – of sharing…


  3. Unfortunately in this day and age Colline, sharing can be fraught with fear, people can be too scared to share unless its someone they know, to share outside of the comfort zone entails communication and opening up doors.
    Well thought provoking topic Colline


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