A Warm Welcome

Winter has truly welcomed us into the New Year: this week we have experienced temperatures below -27 with wind chill, requiring us to stay indoors during recess and to hurry indoors when out. The warmth as we step inside is welcome as we hasten to leave the frigid air behind us.

The extreme cold weather, however, has not dimmed the welcoming smiles I receive each morning I greet the students in my class: their smiles, their humour, and their zest for life makes me smile and warms the day. When I arrive home, the hugs of my family not only warms my cold body a little, but also warms my heart.

The days of winter do not entice me outside but my home welcomes me with warmth and comfort as I hibernate after school hours with a book, a movie and crochet, and my family. I look forward to Spring and warmer days – but in the meantime I will enjoy the warmth of my home.

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeWhat welcomes you during the cold days of winter?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

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32 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome

  1. Those warm hugs at the end of the day make it all feel worthwhile, don’t they? I’m your neighbor at Five-Minute Friday today. 🙂 It’s been so cold here, too, and I have been feeling grateful for all the warmth of home, too (and the ability to stay inside). Have a great week!


  2. Colline – It is so true. Our own homes offer us such a welcome this time of year. I loved the picture of you in your coat with the hood. Perfect to depict the weather many of us are experiencing right now. May you keep warm!


    1. That picture was taken a day that was a little warmer than we have been experiencing this past week. Hopefully the temperatures will be a little higher in the forthcoming week.


  3. Can’t quite compete with those temperatures, Colline (thank heavens!) but the house is rattling and shaking in the wild winds and there’s the prospect of white stuff. Winter’s definitely here! 😦


  4. I must say, I do prefer winter Colline and Autumn is my most favourite season of all. Warm soup, a good movie and a warm fire in the fireplace is what I love in winter. Sounds like you enjoy it as well, though it’s much colder there by you than it is by us. I don’t envy you that cold. My poor fibro muscles won’t be able to handle it. 😆


    1. Autumn is my favourite season too Sonel – and over here it is so beautiful with the different colours of the leaves. I don’t mind the winter either – though it is not too beautiful when it is icy cold and there is no snow on the ground. It all looks very dull and grey.

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  5. A lovely Heart warming blog Colline, minus 27 sounds horrific but then again if I said our temperature is up in the 40s, that sounds horrific too, the body does adapt.
    A warm hug is always a warming gesture.


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