The Taking

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Sandra Crook
Copyright – Sandra Crook @

The litter left behind told its own story: the teens had gathered here intent on squeezing out every bit of fun from stolen moments. They had not believed the stories told of mysterious disappearances on moonlit nights. With the arrogance of youth, they believed themselves to be invincible and beyond danger. Outsiders came and investigated, believing they would find the missing persons. The lifelong residents of the godforsaken town knew, however, that no amount of searching would yield results. The young ones had been taken and would never be returned.


Who do you think took the young ones?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

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34 thoughts on “The Taking

    1. Me too as it does not take much effort to take it with you and put it in a garbage can.
      But what if you did not have the chance to because something happened to prevent you from doing so …


      1. I can think of many places in TO that look like that photo…(scary) When my daughter moved to TO to live iwth me and go to Humber, that was the year that poor girl was found in Etobicoke in 1999. My daughter almost wanted to move back to Montreal

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              1. Well she came to be with “mommy” but when she started a family, Quebec is cheaper with more advantages including all her friends and family …that’s why I eventually moved back. Now that my mom passed, I am re-evaluating my future here. I do have family in TO too.


                  1. I had planned to go for New Year’s to see family in Oakville but with my mom passing, I will take it one day at a time and decide last minute…I love the lights downtown…I used to work right on university corner Dundas…loved working evenings there.

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  1. Not sure what to make of that Colline, somethings missing, someones guilty.
    Time to bring back Capital punishment, better still, put them in the stocks, 100 lashes on naked backs, make them cringe in agony and beg for mercy, then again they may be just a figment of todays technology.
    Merry Christmas Colline.


  2. Well, given the mess left behind, one can only hope it is the litter marshalls who have taken them away to be taught to clean up their mess. Makes one wonder what their (imaginary?) homes were like!


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