A Completed Class Project

Last week my class finished their project (the post on the activities can be found here). The creative artwork was set up on the room door and on the bulletin board outside of the room. We have managed to create a festive scene in the hallway – a scene that all the members of the class are proud of.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014
Door decor. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

I love the tree made up of all the students’ hand prints. Some children created tree decorations while others drew some presents to put underneath the tree.

The chimney stands tall, waiting for Santa to come by. Stockings, presents and Christmas decorations bring added cheer to the mantelpiece.

The artwork is not perfect: fabric is not cut perfectly straight, lines are not drawn exactly as is seen in reality, colouring does not fill in all the white spaces. And yet all the small imperfections are barely noticed when one admires the creativity of 5 year olds.

Do you enjoy looking at the imperfect art of children?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post is linked to Paula’s Thursday Special Challenge. This week the topic is imperfection)

45 thoughts on “A Completed Class Project

  1. Just love that Christmas tree Colline – I bet all those ‘hand leaves ‘ ruffle in the air 🙂
    What a lovely idea all little ones can join in with an am sure they love decorating their own Christmas stocking !

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    1. They loved doing their own stocking. They cut the fabric themselves from swatches that were placed on the tables they could also use ribbon if they wished – or any of the other decorations that were available.


      1. Hi – I actually looked through some archives just now, but could not find the hand wreath. I am sure later on I will stumble on it and if so, I may just come back here and let ya know.
        In the meantime, I wanted to say thanks for asking if I had a photo of them – because it led me to look – which led me to find two more pictures for a project I am working on for my neighbor (her son passed away this year and I am making them a holiday gift with some of his pictures that I took years ago).
        anyhow, have a nice night 🙂


          1. Hi – well I know I saved two of the ones that my own boys made even if I do not have the classroom samples. But here is a pic of a christmas tree collage from a holiday art lesson with K –
            the xmas tree one was working with fabrics and yarn – and targeted “spatial relationships” (top bottom left right) and – “motor skills” (cutting, rolling, gluing, pressing, etc) and they looked so good all hanging in the hall

            also had to throw in the tissue paper flower pic 🙂


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