A Lone Clown

The day had arrived for the Santa Parade, cold and grey. When I signed up to volunteer as a clown, I had been full of optimism. Everything in my life was going according to plan: I had received the promotion I was working so hard for; my offer for a place of my own had been accepted; and my relationship with Sam had been going well. My bubble had burst a couple of weeks ago. I still had a great position at work; and living in my new place was everything that I could wish for. My relationship with Sam, however, had derailed. No longer did I have someone in my life with whom I could share special moments. Instead there was an empty void in my life that left an ache in my heart.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014
A lone clown. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

I had made a promise many months ago and, no matter how I felt, I did not want to disappoint the many children and families who had waited out in the cold for so long to see the parade. I dressed and put on my makeup – the red clownish smile masking my sadness a little. Armed with my hand clappers and a vuvuzela, I journeyed to the start of the parade. Hopefully in giving joy to others, my sadness would be eased a little.

pixel-prose-challenge-post-logoWhat would you add to this clown’s story?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

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32 thoughts on “A Lone Clown

  1. Clowns originated from the court Jesters who had to entertain the power moguls (megalomaniacs) and when they realised theywere wasting their time entertaining the goons they realised their humanity and returned to the people to bring us value in the spirit of life – to live, love and laugh.


  2. A heart warming story Colline, like the clown I’m well used to putting a smile on for the clients I work with, but I’m a little scared of clowns, im not sure why. This one is obviously very lovely and caring. I’m sure all those children were grateful that he made it.
    Thank you for taking part in the challenge hun 🙂

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  3. well…. I enjoyed what you wrote – but at first I seriously thought that you dressed up like a clown – but that was only for a split second – because then I remember the floats ands the other posts (lol) and well, what an image!! your words were perfect.
    and so here is what I would add…

    you ended with “Hopefully in giving joy to others, my sadness would be eased a little….”
    and it worked. when I put on my first smile, I began to feel a little better. Then one of the kids had these beaming eyes that went through me – and soon I found that I remembered why I do what I do. because once I am int he flow of my zany job, well it satisfies. I also remembered that feelings follow behavior – and sometimes it takes that first step and that first smile to shake away the blues.


      1. thanks so much – and I have to tell ya that I really enjoyed reading this post earlier – I had just finished a dry writing project and this was serious and refreshing – and then getting to add to it was more fun – so thanks for that – have a good day


  4. I think the Clown enjoyed her day, her spirit was uplifted because she made people happy and made them smile. While she was “in Clown” she forgot her troubles and she was uplifted also, because by making others happy you make yourself happy.
    I speak from experience because I was a Professional Clown for 5 years. Many times I had to perform in costume when I really wanted to stay home, many times I was feeling down and was uplifted when I saw someone smile because of me “in Clown”
    Now, I am retired from that profession, but the memories are rich treasures to me.
    Now, I try to uplift people through my writing and photography.
    Thanks for your post–it brought back memories for me.
    Blessings—Leona (formerly “Sparkle the Clown”)

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience as a clown. It is good to know that the clown personage not only uplift the spirits of those watching but also the spirits of those acting as the clown.


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