A Time to Give


photo (24)Christmas is less than a month away and the shopping fever has begun. As I write this, there are those who are perusing flyers for Black Friday deals; and those who have already grabbed their place in a line waiting for the stores to open. From this day forth, malls will be filled with shoppers searching for an affordable gift to give to someone on Christmas day. Tempers will become frazzled and children will cry from tiredness. Christmas music will accompany shoppers from store to store as racks are perused and shelves emptied.

Christmas is a time to give. The giving of the season, however, has been overshadowed by the retailers’ desire for the shopper to buy more. The giving of a gift should be symbolic of the love and time you wish to give to that person. It is not about how expensive a present one can give – or whether one receives the latest electronic gadget on the market. A gift that has been thoughtfully chosen – or even made – can mean more to a person than something that is picked up, with no thought, off the shelves of a well-known store.

As I venture into the stores this shopping season, I focus on those that I love and with whom I shall spend Christmas day. I already know what my gifts shall be and, in the knowing, will avoid much of the headache caused by overcrowded malls, tinny music and frazzled shoppers.

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeDo you shop in malls during this season?

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38 thoughts on “A Time to Give

  1. No malls for me! And I’m with you; my gifts are already chosen before I shop. In fact, I have been known to buy some of my gifts in August! And I never shop on ‘Black Friday’- a mere marketing gimmick to get people into the stores. Plus it takes away from our Thanksgiving holiday.

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    1. I am with you on the gift buying, that is for sure. They have brought Black Friday into Canada and, from what I have seen, the prices do not seem to be any better than a normal sale. As you say, it is a gimmick to get shoppers I to the stores in the hopes that they buy other merchandise.


      1. Sales on inflated prices are hardly sales. The way I see it, people are insane to trample each other over stuff. Today is the LAST day of the year, you’d catch me ‘Christmas shopping’. I’d rather ‘make’ my gifts anyway when I can. This year I’ll be giving ‘Brides’ books to my siblings, so that’s at least four down to begin with.


          1. Hey Colline. My first two Brides books are already published on Amazon, with the third being ‘tweaked’, before I offer it for sale. I have the titles on my side margin. That trilogy is geared for an adult audience since it has a couple of sex scenes and some ‘adult’ language in the conversations. It is as family saga based around country living and equestrian lifestyles.


            You can follow the above link, and take a peek inside if you would like to learn more. 🙂 Please CLICK away, as it will help to bring it ‘forward’ in the search engine from what I understand. When time allows, I’ll start a ‘new’ blog to bring attention to that series.


  2. Colline, while I will enter stores to purchase my gifts in the coming weeks, I always try to look for gifts which will express my heart. May we remember to focus in greater measure on the One Who has given us all. Glad to be your neighbor at FMF. Blessings!


  3. My husband and I don’t exchange gifts. Whenever we buy something new we just say, “That is your Christmas present.” Although my yesterday’s post said we would be up early for Black Friday, we aren’t leaving this house. lol
    I am torn between criticizing the mall stores or any store for offering deals that drag people into buying maybe something they really don’t want to give and realizing that stores have to make a living and keep the economy going. We are all intertwined with the economy. I could be persuaded either way I suppose. I don’t pretend to know or understand economics. 😦

    But I agree that the gifts we give should be from the heart and be meaningful. And I don’t mean to imply that you are criticizing merchants for trying to make a living. 🙂 Just thoughts from my head. I have friends who love to go to the malls during the holidays. The busier the better. Not me!!


    1. A day shopping at a mall can be a pleasant one – though not at this time of year. I prefer lazily meandering through the stores without the long queues and people shoving one another. 🙂


  4. I think Black Friday is a total rip-off, and wouldn’t even venture to the malls today. With our family being so far flung, we usually do money transfers so they can buy a gift of their own choosing. Christmas isn’t what it used to be, and I remember with fondness the excitement of my sister and I opening our small stockings on Christmas morning, and being thoroughly delighted with the contents.


  5. I really don’t like shopping at the best of times, and REALLY do not like to shop near Christmas…..I’ve a few gifts I’ll buy for my children but most of them have already been huddled away for many months (some things I’ve made, others I’ve purchased online as I’ve seen them). [A fellow FMF-er]


  6. Like you, I have a plan for what I am going to buy. I head to the store, buy it, and move on to the next gift. Black Friday has become a nasty event with shopper’s being rude to each other and to sales clerks. Pushing, shoving, little ones (who should be home) are weary and fussy – doesn’t add up to a nice shopping experience. Now the stores are opening on Thanksgiving! I feel so sorry for people who have to work so the company can pad it’s pockets, when they should be home enjoying a special holiday with their families. Then there are special sales on Saturday and again on Sunday. With cyberMonday, you’d think the shopping would back off, but the stores don’t want to let the internet get the sales, so they have big sales on Monday too. I wonder how good all these sales are. Things have gotten way out of control.


    1. It upsets me too when stores are open on holidays that are traditionally for families. As you suggest, the workers are the ones who suffer as they are unable to spend the day with their families. You can be sure that the ones making the profits are at home with theirs and not dealing with rude and frazzled customers.

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  7. No Black Friday shopping for me. Here in my home in the Caribbean, many stores and malls have adopted {their version} Black Friday and I refuse to give them my money because it really isn’t all that much of a sale. I agree that it’s a gimmick. I usually do my Christmas shopping though out the year…I know it might seem weird to be buying Christmas presents in June but it is easier on my pocket and I feel like I get what my loved ones really want rather than rushing to get generic stuff in December.

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  8. oh you said this so well – and glad you are not caught up in the tizzy – and you are so correct with all the retailers pressure to get people to buy more – and then sometimes expectations get so high it leads to more depression on top of other things – ha!

    anyhow, we did go our for black friday yesterday – my son begged us to take him and so we went to four stores (we have only gone back friday shopping a few other times – not really my thing) – and well he did fund something for his girlfriend – and we bought a goody for my step-daughter – but we were home in less than 2 hours. But one lady really stood out – at JC Penney – she had a huge cart with all these “door buster” sales – that seemed like junky products – and as she was checking out – she got at least 20 gift receipts – and well, it was just interesting to watch her in action…
    anyhow, hope you have a nice weekend 🙂


    1. As I watch people like this woman you mentioned, I often wonder whether she is actually saving anything. Would she have bought these items anyway – or is she spending more than she would have had there not been a sale.
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend too Yvette 🙂


  9. I avoid like mad Colline , people get so het up and frantic in pursuit of the biggest and the best of everything and often spend beyond their means . Harassed parents .. ugly scenes in shops .. awful .
    You put it nicely in perspective 🙂

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  10. I saw some Black Friday pushing on the news yesterday. Why do they want to put people in such a situation! They know some are going to get hurt. Is it worth it? I don’t think so! Maybe for the greedy shop owners but not really for poor people(penny less people)


    1. You are so right – it is the people who are desperate for things that are more affordable that stand in those lines and push to get merchandise. To make it fairer, the sellers should have more than a few items at that price.


  11. Tinny music and crowds could drive me crazy. I am not a typical shopper either. Luckily I live 10 minutes walk from the city centre and there are a lot of small shops on the way (I tend to avoid shopping malls whenever I can). I know your girls will be happy with the gifts and I know you have some knitting projects too 😉

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    1. I love entering the little shops along the streets. That is how I often shop since arriving here in Toronto. And if I do t have to get on a bus to do my shopping, I am happy 🙂


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