Day 22: Expectations

When I moved north, I had not really thought about the expectations I had. At the time of our move, my hands were full with a two and three year old. I expected things would be a little challenging as I would not have the support of my mom; nor the help of the maid who came twice a week to help with housekeeping. I knew we would no longer be living in a house in the suburbs but in an apartment in the city. I expected that it would take time to find work as I had heard stories from my family members who had left South Africa.

The reality of the move, though, was far harder than I had expected. Searching for a job not only took a long time, but became extremely frustrating. Work experience in South Africa was disregarded as the same question was asked: “What Canadian experience do you have?”. Walking to the supermarket and library became a challenge during the winter months when my young toddlers did not want to go out into the icy cold winds. My expectations of living in a safer environment, though, were realised as I have often walked the streets with no fear of being mugged. We feel secure in our apartment and know, if we were to move into a house, we would still experience that sense of security. 

We have experienced things that we did not expect in our move to Toronto. However, we have adapted and have come to accept many of the idiosyncrasies of this city.

photo (10)If you have missed any of my Migrating North posts, head on over here

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was written for the FMF 31 day challenge hosted by Kate Motaung. Today’s guest prompt is: expect)


13 thoughts on “Day 22: Expectations

  1. I continue to enjoy your daily stories about your migration and the experiences you face along with your family. I look forward to the full-length book someday!


    1. Thank you for your comment on the series Annie. The comment is encouraging to me.
      Knowing that my kids are safe, Annie, makes all the sacrifices we have made worthwhile. Added to that, they are certainly happy and well-adjusted.


  2. It is hard enough to move across a country let alone continents, Colline, and with 2 small children yet. Still, it must be a major relief to know that you and those children can walk down the street in relative safety. For me, that sense of security is priceless.


    1. You have said exactly what I feel John. And now, as the girls are older, I worry less than I would have in South Africa. At least here I feel comfortable with them walking to places in our neighbourhood without me accompanying them.

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  3. I am sure a lot of people who read this will know how you felt Colline. When I think of that cold and snow, I know I wouldn’t be able to cope. I love the cold but not that cold. 😆


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