Day 7: Getting to Know the City

One of my goals when we first arrived in the city of Toronto was to get to know the city we were in. We chose to do this on either a Saturday or Sunday because we were able to obtain what the TTC (the Toronto transit) calls a day pass. This pass allows families to travel for an unlimited number of times during the day thus enabling us to visit more than one spot. We used the pass to visit museums, festivals, attend free children activities, explore different quarters, and do some shopping. Each weekend saw my husband and I, each pushing a stroller, climbing on buses, streetcars and trains. We attended plenty of free events that helped us bring experiences to our children that we had never experienced growing up. At moments my husband and I watched in wonder when we saw things we had never seen before. We enjoyed watching our first ever Santa Parade. We were thrilled when we went on a Ferris wheel for the first time on Canada Day. We looked on in amazement when we saw the Taiko drummers (traditional Japanese drummers) for the first time.

Not only did we get to know the city in general, but we also walked our neighbourhood. We found a variety of supermarkets, a couple of libraries, the local post office, and the nearest schools. We found small parks and the large one not too far from where we live. The community centre was a great find and, up to today, is a place that we often visit.

There are still a few spots of Toronto we haven’t yet explored. And some spots we have forgotten. Our early explorations (or field trips as my girls used to call them) helped us not only get to know the place we live in, but also helped to us get out of our apartment and ensure we did not brood on our decision to move.

photo (10)If you have missed any of my Migrating North posts, head on over here

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was written for the FMF 31 day challenge hosted by Kate Motaung. Today’s prompt is: go)

13 thoughts on “Day 7: Getting to Know the City

  1. That is an excellent piece of advice to give to all urban dwellers – whoever they are! I have lived in my city for ten years. For most of this time I was so busy and involved with my job I scarcely ever went off the beaten track. But now, newly retired and with a puppy, I am busy exploring all kinds of places and I am discovering some lovely walks, interesting shops and fabulous people all of which have been here all the time, patiently waiting for me to notice them 🙂


  2. It is good to know that you could use free pass rides. It is important to make use of it when you don’t know the place. I also went to all places using the bus and on foot. Now I can go on buses and trains free because I am over 65.


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