A Quick Thank You for Awards

Carol at Adjusting Your Focus has given me the compliment of awarding me with The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I have already received this award and have responded in a previous post. If you want to learn seven random things about me, head on over here to read them. I do want to thank Carol for passing this award onto me and letting me know that she finds my words inspiring.

one-lovely-blogLast week I also received the One Lovely Blog Award from Amanda at Living and Travelling in Africa. This is an award that I have also previously received (you can read the post here). In accepting this award, I wrote seven unknown facts that my readers at that time did not know.

realityblogawardWhile on the subject of awards, I thought I would acknowledge another that has been sitting in my inbox for a while. Madoqua  and Scrapydo offered me the Reality blog award.  I have followed Madoqua for a while and always enjoy the posts she creates especially as she writes from a country I have never visited. As for Scrapydo, she is a fellow South African who has relocated to New Zealand and posts some beautiful photographs. In accepting this award, I am asked to answer a few questions:

If you could change something, what would you change?

I would change the existence of war. I believe everyone has the right to live their lives in a state of peace. It is upsetting that so many people, among them children, experience the stress and tension that is present in a war zone.

People also have the right to have their basic needs fulfilled: their need for shelter, food, clothing. There are so many people who live without – and so many who have more than they need. I would love to live in a world where everyone has what they need in order to live without the pain of hunger and homelessness.

If you could relive one day, what would it be?

It is difficult for me to choose just one day as there have been so many happy ones. If I could, I would like to have a day in which all my family members are together again for a family gathering – and that would include the members of my family who have passed away. This was something that happened often when I was growing up. What was so good was that both my dad and my mom’s siblings were at these parties – as well as both sets of grandparents. I often think of those days as they brought a lot of joy to us.

What is the one thing that really scares you?

I try not to dwell on that which scares me as that would render me inert. At different times of my life, different things have caused me fear – and I have worked towards eliminating them.

What one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it?

My dream is to finish writing a story that I began a while ago. This I hope to complete once I find a routine that will give me the quiet in which to do it. Now that I am working closer to home this year, I am positive that I will be able to do so once I have reached the many deadlines at work that seem to be looming.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

I am happy with who I am – and would not want to change that. There are things I would like to experience though that, up to now, I have not had the opportunity or the means to do so.

I unfortunately do not have the time to nominate blogs for this award. I would prefer, instead, to spend the time that I do have writing posts of interest. I do thank those who have nominated me, though, for the compliment that they have given me.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014


36 thoughts on “A Quick Thank You for Awards

  1. Colline, what a lovely post, and thank you for the mention! Interestingly, I too was reared in South Africa, so have this in common with you and Scrapydo – now we live in such widely spaced countries!
    You sound like such a loving, kind person in your writings. I wish you well with your story, you write so beautifully.


    1. I did not realize you were from South Africa Madoqua. I shall now read your posts with a different eye. It is interesting for me to see how South Africans adapt to the country they have moved to.
      Thank you for you encouragement on my story. I am thinking of writing posts on my progress once I get started again.


    1. It definitely takes too much time to search for the URLs of the blogs I love reading. And yet I want to acknowledge that I have been given these awards. I still have 2 in my inbox and I will see when I get to them 🙂


      1. I felt the same way, that is why I started my awards page, that way I didn’t feel bad for not accepting them, and most people seem to understand, I do like to acknowledge the people that have nominated me. I think what you did was great. 😀


  2. You are well esteemed Colline to receive the awards again.
    Justly deserved, and I like your thoughts in If you could change something, what would you change?
    Emu aka Ian


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