The Turning Key

clockeyI had seen the key once before – the key that opened the door to the secrets of the city. Its burnished gold glittered in the sunlight, the workings on it an indication of its importance. Seeing it had been a mistake. Not mine, but that of the official who held it. A low level citizen like me should not have even have seen who was holding the key. But then not many people pay attention to me. My silence adds to my nondescript appearance. And no-one pays attention, anyway, to a person who looks pale and frail. People look at my body and pity me. They realise I am unable to run long distances, battle my opponent physically, use my strength to get where I need to be. And yet I pity them. They are unable to mentally understand the ramifications of their strength. My mind is a far more powerful tool than their brute force.

My intention now is to get hold of the key and to control what is behind the door. We believe, my friends and I, that whoever holds the secrets to the city holds the power. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of this fair city would enable us to take it over. For too long have we been subjected to the might of those who are physically stronger than us. We needed to show the citizens that strength does not make a person better or more powerful. We needed to show them that intelligence matters too, and that intellect can rule the world.

What do you think he needs to do to get the key?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was inspired by Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday image prompt)

22 thoughts on “The Turning Key

  1. I think they need to give the official a bottle of home made wine with a couple of sleeping pills dissolved in it. Good luck to them. I hope that what they find behind the door, doesn’t disappoint. Sometimes power isn’t altogether a good thing.


  2. Hypnotisim, distraction, intoxication, would be too easy. Rather he uses manipulative persuasion to convince the guard that letting him see and hold it would be a wonderful way of demonstrating power. That would make for a nice challenge in writing the dialogue!


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