Tribute to a Dynamic Actor

“Come on, it is time for Mork and Mindy!” My sisters and I hurriedly finished what we were doing so that we could sit in front of the TV. We loved this show! For half an hour each week, we sat on the floor and watched these two characters and their antics. We would raise our hand with our fingers joined as Mork’s were, and repeat “nanu-nanu” with him. The show was popular with my friends too and often was a point of discussion the day after an episode had aired. How sad we were when there were no longer any stories on the characters Mork and Mindy.

We did, however, see Robin Williams in action again. The first film that comes to mind is Mrs Doubtfire. I cannot say how many times I have seen this comedy. What I do admit to is that each time I have watched it, I laughed. Other actors have attempted to do what Robin Williams did in this film but, in my opinion, they have not succeeded. Mrs Doubtfire was believable, she was lovable, she was every inch the school marm – and became an iconic character.

The film that struck a deep chord within me was Dead Poets Society. As an educator myself, the story of a man who changed the lives of his students resonated. It was not only the storyline, however, that I enjoyed but the acting as well. This film showed Robin Williams to be not only a comedian, but a great actor who deserved to receive the Academy Award for his role in this film and in other movies. Often I remember a phrase from this story, Carpe Deim (seize the day), and try to remember to make use of the opportunities that come my way.

I am sure to hear the voice of this beloved actor again when my children watch the film Aladdin. In this film, Robin Williams reads the voice of Genie with pizzazz, verve and humour. I do admit to the genie being my favourite character in this trilogy because he is so funny. And I enjoy seeing the children laugh in response to his voice.

Robin Williams was an actor who brought much joy into people’s lives. When we went to watch him – whether in a comedy or a drama – we knew we would be entertained.

 I will miss the opportunity of seeing him again on screen and will mourn his loss. May he rest in peace.

Which are your favourite films starring Robin Williams?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014




43 thoughts on “Tribute to a Dynamic Actor

  1. A great loss to us all – and of courseto his family. I admired him immensely. I recognize and loved every movie and series you mention – but my heart belongs to Dead poets… I still show my students this movie when we discuss the theme of Courage. A great tribute, Colline.


  2. The world won’t be the same place without such a gifted person as Robin Williams. The news of his death saddened me. If anything good can come of his death, it will be discussions on mental health — bringing into the open issue such as substance abuse, depression, suicide. We can’t always see that in someone unless we look deep below the surface.
    Dead Poet’s Society — on of the few DVS I would actually buy. An amazing story and brilliant acting on Williams’ part.
    Yes, Carpe Diem Seize a day in his honour.


        1. And now, it also comes out that he had the early stages of Parkinson’s which is what I think Michael Fox has been dealing with for many years. My uncle has it, and it is not a very nice disease.


          1. No it is not and can be very debilitating. I admire Michael J.Fox so much for fighting against it with the support of his family. I guess being diagnosed with this disease would have increased Robin Williams’ sense of depression.


            1. Yes, it would. I, too, admire Michael J. Fox’s courage. He has made so many people aware of the disease. And his example is one people with the disease can follow.


  3. So sad.
    I am not a great movie person, and don’t know many actors, but I did know of Robin Williams. There is a message in his story I think – to be mindful that people who may be or becoming depressed need so much support and care.


    1. You are so right Madoqua. It is scary to think that depression can lead someone to believe that they have nothing worth living for – even though they may have much to be grateful for.


  4. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I would have to say Patch Adams. This was the first movie I ever saw with The Better Half and it always makes me smile to think of that. He’ll be missed.


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