Finding Strength

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A flash of lightening moves across the sky accompanied by a roll of thunder; the rain pouring unrelentlessly from the heavens. I look out of the window, helpless to prevent what I know is coming. I had waited so long for them to arrive filled with the hope that they could bring, and with the knowledge that they could take me away from here. But all that had changed now.

Turning from the window, I walk silently across the darkening room. Things had changed but that did not mean I would accept defeat without fighting! Daniel had died after lying in his bed for 8 months, a shadow of his former self. And upon his death, Morgan had become the tyrant that Daniel had never been. My brother kept me locked in this suite of rooms, exacting revenge upon me for childhood pranks and sniggers. Who would have thought he would have the audacity!

But then we had always underestimated him, Daniel and I.

The pain of grief and hopelessness threaten to overwhelm me. How I wish I could run free outside, the rain pelting against my skin. I pound on the locked door in frustration.

“Let me out, Morgan. You can’t keep me here! Morgan!”

I knew he would not listen but I continue to shout for him anyway, venting my frustration and fear. A flash of lightening picks out the sight of me sliding down the down into a heap on the floor, my sobs a quiet accompaniment to the roll of thunder. Feeling tired, my sobs quieten. I listen to the sound of the rain and begin to feel a sense of calm. He is with me. Daniel. My childhood friend. My love. The man who always protected me. The sense of his calming presence quietens my fear and my frustration. Yes, that is it. Wiping the track of tears from my face, I get up. I know what it is that I have to do now.

What do you think her solution is?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was inspired by Leanne Cole’s photo for her new challenge Inspiring Quiet Thursdays)

14 thoughts on “Finding Strength

  1. If she is a nimble sort of girl, the architecture of that building provides many hand-and-footholds for getting out of there. Then she finds refuge, after which plotting dear Morgan’s untimely demise. Or she just does it the short way, by luring him to the window and giving a good shove!


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