A Few Blog Awards

Over the past year or so, bloggers have given me some awards. Due to time constraints, I have not managed to acknowledge their nomination and pass it on. In the past I have spent many hours writing the posts in which I have answered questions and nominated other blogs. I have decided that I shall now acknowledge receiving these gestures of appreciation but I shall not pass them on.  I would rather spend the time I have to blog on writing or sharing photos.

field-of-flowers-awardMichelle at Book Chat has nominated me for a number of awards in the past year or so. (Thank you Michelle) The first is The Field of Flowers award. The award is meant to show appreciation and is sent to brighten one’s day (as a bouquet of flowers would). Now if there is any blogger you would like to send this bouquet of flowers to, go ahead and grab the button.

working-to-change-the-worldMichelle has awarded me with another compliment: The Working to Change the World Award. This award was created to acknowledge bloggers who are working to make a change in the world. Recipients of this Award work hard and sincerely to make the world a better place using their compassion, love and understanding. The question asked in accepting this award is what do I believe would change the world if everyone did it. My answer? Put others before yourself. If we thought of helping others first before looking after our own interests, I think the people in the world would be less self-centred and focused on finding wealth. To me the best example of one who lived like this was Mother Theresa – a woman who put others’ needs before those of her own.

dragons-loyalty-awardBulging Buttons has granted me with another award: The Dragon’s Loyalty Award. This award is for the loyal blogger who comments regularly. As you all know, I enjoy commenting on fellow bloggers’ space when I have the time to do so – part of what blogging is about, isn’t it? In accepting the compliment of this award I am asked to list seven interesting things about myself. Many of you know quite a bit about me so I have tried to think of little things you may not yet already know:

  1. Living in a country far from my land of birth, there are a few treats that I miss eating: the sticky sweetness of koeksusters, the saltiness of biltong, the fishy taste of anchovy paste, the crunchiness of Romany Creams, the tanginess of ripened guavas, and true South African boerewors.
  2. I enjoy watching super-hero movies. I love it when Marvel creates the next film whether it be about Spiderman, Wolverine, or the X-Men.
  3. Even though I live in a big city, I love spending time in more natural surroundings. I enjoy time spent away from modern architecture and much prefer the creation of the natural to man-made.
  4. I have picked up the crochet hook again after eight years of rest. I am now spending less time reading!
  5. I secretly wish for a personal chef as I enjoy eating a variety of foods but do not really like spending too much time in the kitchen.
  6. I tasted kale for the first time a few months ago and I loved it. Now every week, this vegetable finds its way into my shopping cart.
  7. Even though I do not go there often, I enjoy spending time at the beach. I like walking on the soft sand and watching the sun set in the horizon.

I have notifications of other awards in my inbox – those I will share with you in another post as I did not want this one to be too long!

I would love you to share one thing about yourself that we don’t know in the comments.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014



19 thoughts on “A Few Blog Awards

  1. Such beautiful awards Colline and well deserved indeed. 😀

    You all know just about enough what you need to know. If you need to know more, just ask. Maybe I’ll answer, maybe I won’t. 😆 😛

    Have a lovely weekend hon. ♥ Hugs ♥


      1. hehehe Colline. Already you know too much. 😆
        Thanks sweetness. I am glad I could bring back happy memories. You’re so kind. ♥ Big Hugs ♥


  2. This is a lovely post, Colline. And I understand perfectly your decision to thank the giver but let it rest there. I personally have stopped participating in any blog awards that come with rules. My motto is that if a blogger deserves an award, then he has already done everything he needs to do to receive that award. He does not then have to comply with a bunch of other rules to, with good conscience, receive it.

    I understand that the original intent behind most of the rules was to encourage bloggers to show appreciation for each other more. But I frequently do a special post on new bloggers to give them attention and/or post a list of blogs that I particularly enjoy so others can find them too. I also visit blogs and express appreciation personally. To me, those avenues are much more effective ways of showing appreciation. Of course, I’ve also thought about creating an award that has absolutely no rules — just love and appreciation. I still might.


    1. I agree with you so much Sandra. And I like your idea of highlighting some blogs that you enjoy in a post. To me that seems to be a much better way of sharing the posts that you enjoy.


  3. My first ever pet was a blue budgie that went everywhere with me. One Christmas, at a hotel for Christmas dinner, it took it into its head to fly off my shoulder (after clinging on quite happily, as he always did, for the whole bicycle journey) and bacame Christmas dinner for a cat. I cried for the rest of that day.


  4. I like the idea of an award that is simply an award. No passing along. No questions to answer. No lists to produce. Just a “I wanted you to know how great a job you do” kind of award; obviously with a shorter title! : )
    And, you deserve the awards, and I’m not surprised there are more in your inbox!


    1. Those are the best kind of awards Phylor. What is even better when people encourage you in the comments and let you know that all your efforts are appreciated.


  5. I have a thing for washing up sponges! Goodness knows why! I find it incredibly difficult to walk past them in the supermarket and not buy them. It’s going to be difficult living in a motorhome as there isn’t enough storage. Maybe it will help me get over my addiction ha ha 🙂


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