Time to Breathe

Every day it is go, go, go. Moving from one moment to the next:

Fixing breakfast.

Packing lunches.

Waking up the children.

Seeing that they are ready to go to school.


Coming home.

Ensuring that homework is done.

Preparing dinner.

Washing dishes and cleaning up.

People say that a mother’s work is never done – and I have felt the truth of that statement since I have become a mother. There were times when I had no time to breathe, no time for myself. I had lost myself in my role of mommy and my life revolved around the children in my life.

Now as my children enter their teens, I find I have a little time to breathe, to find that time for myself. To become, a little, the person I was before they came into my life. Sometimes we take the time to breathe together: we watch a movie, or read together. Sometimes go for a walk. I enjoy these moments and am thankful for them even though I realise a mother’s work is never done – just that the nature of the work with my teenage daughters has changed.

5-minute-friday-1Do you find time to breathe?

Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: exhale)


47 thoughts on “Time to Breathe

  1. In a few years, those teens will be requiring less attention. I miss it sometimes and takes some getting used to. Bonus: more me time.


  2. Colline my ‘children’ are now in their late twenties and there is much more time for breathing. As I watch our friends and family with young children I wonder how we ever managed. A wonderful but busy chapter of life.


  3. And the work never ceases Colline…even when they leave home. You just never seem to stop being a mother…investing your time, though the amount does lessen. I am enjoying having time to myself, but I do so miss the chaos at times.


  4. Those are so such busy years – I can remember feeling like that. Looking back it seems like they are gone all too soon. It’s easy to offer platitudes with the distance of hindsight but cherish the times as much as you – in ten years or so the children will be off to their own lives. The house (and life) will seem strangely empty as you try and recapture something of your pre mothering self. Maybe self care is the answer – can you factor in a tiny bit of ‘me time’ in your current life? Your blog is the start of this – maybe writing more poetry or journalling might give your a stronger sense of your own identity. All the best πŸ™‚


    1. My intention is to do so Suzanne – though there are days that it seems impossible to fit in a little bit of blogging and writing. In the meantime I try to enjoy the gift of my children’s presence πŸ™‚


      1. I can relate to that so much. When the kids are small even when you get time to yourself you are too tired to do anything creative. Taking joy in your time with the children is really important – I agree. All the best. πŸ™‚


  5. Your writing and reading time are coming nearer and nearer. When my son went to study in Pretoria I had time to do some extra classes in all kinds of arty things during the term while he was away


      1. They are still going to make use of you as a mother because they trust you. I still get visits from my son just him asking for my advice! That is something that brings lots of joy and love too


  6. Whilst you await a little more breathing time Colline you can be very happy that this time with your daughters is very special for you all . Shared memories are wonderful .


  7. My son is now 35 and spread his wings many moons ago. Now it’s just me and my hubby. We call ourselves time millionaires. I remember so well being a single working mum for 20 years with my
    Life ruled by the clock. I feel so lucky to have the life I have now. The children/working years are draining at times but then all too soon you find yourself looking back and wondering where the years went. I bet you’re an amazing mum Colline!😊


    1. What I love best about vacations from my work as a teacher is that I can leave my watch next to my bedside and enjoy moments of the day. I am not quite a time millionaire yet, but I can get a sense of it during the Summer vacation πŸ™‚


  8. Your daughters will need you again and again, even after they leave home. Advice about boyfriends, finances, pregnancies, motherhood. Mothers and daughters can share a special bond. Breathe deep, exhale slowly.
    Lovely post!


  9. That’s a good question, Colline. I have been suffocating lately though I have no kids. It must be nice to be able to breathe together πŸ™‚


  10. I enjoyed this – and could really relate – especially with how the “nature” of our works changes with older kids – well said!!

    And I once heard a lady share about her day – she had a bunch of small kids, and she said it was always, wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe – wipe this – wipe that – wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe – ha! and so when you included the washing at the end I remember her sharing that.
    fun post – have a great week. ~y. ❀


    1. That story is so true as little ones are always messing. Now that they are older it is a little different. I always find myself reminding them: reminding them to do their homework, reminding them to do their chores, reminding them to go to bed early! πŸ™‚


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