Don’t Shoot The Messenger

She walked in timidly. I knew that my rants and raves caused many in our offices to keep their distance in fear of being in the line of fire. But I had not expected this behaviour from Alyssa – my friend and a girl’s best secretary. A hesitant smile and the words, “They did not accept your proposal.”

My first reaction was to rail against the woman who stood in front of me, her head held up in preparation for a fight. But I couldn’t, not against the one I enjoyed spending so much time with. Instead I unleashed my frustration on my desk, swiping the items onto the floor. Crash! I clenched my fists as I thought of the hours spent refining the proposal: the meetings with a client who kept changing her mind; the wasted hours spent wining and dining her; the many times I forced myself to keep quiet in order to keep her with our company.

“You know this need not be the end of it.” The softly spoken words brought focus to my mind. “Their competition has been after your services for a while now. Maybe it is time to switch sides to those who appreciate your talents more.”

Oh yes, a switch would lead to a sweet revenge. This is why I should never shoot the messenger. Often the messenger is on your side.

5-minute-friday-1Do you often shoot the messenger?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was inspired by this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt: Messenger)


20 thoughts on “Don’t Shoot The Messenger

  1. Indeed, smart and capable hands like that should be nurtured not shot at, or the next time the two face each other, the assistant will be on the competitor’s side. 🙂


  2. “The messenger is on my side”. Who knew??? :0)
    So often I react rather than respond. Especially with my near grown kids at home. I am a work in progress and surely, I respond a tad better than I did with my 2 who have gone off into the world…forgiveness on their fingertips towards an all to human mom:). I need to remember MOST are on my “side” as I don;t really have many enemies! Thanks for the reminder! Hoping you have had other opportunities to present proposals and have them embraced!


  3. nice little question you ask with this piece – and so sad how the messenger often does take the brunt of any heavy news…. and while I try not to – well – um…..

    anyhow, enjoyed your friday fiction piece again —- and I could FEEL the intensity as you wrote “her head held up in preparation for a fight.”
    and then I felt the calming feel with “The softly spoken words brought focus to my mind…..”
    so cool how such a short piece could be so dense – nice job – and happy June Colline….


    1. Thank you. Isn’t it funny how we are always prepared for a fight – especially when we know that a person has a volatile temperament. And yet, sometimes the unexpected happens 🙂


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