Learning a Song

The current philosophy in kindergarten teaching is to use the children’s interests to extend their learning; and to teach using that interest. When we went back to school after the winter break, many of the children’s conversations centred on Disney’s latest animation, Frozen.

Elsa and Anna were the topics of many conversations. Outside in the playground, scenes from the film were being re-enacted. While working, the girls would sing Let It Go. As we are a French Immersion class, I kept telling them to sing in French. After choruses of “Aaahh”, they would begin to sing the French songs they know. I wondered whether they would be able to learn the French version of their current favourite tune. Then I thought, “Why not?” I wrote the words out on chart paper, found the song on YouTube, and set out to learn the song with my class.

Each day I sing this song with my class, following the written words on the chart paper. While they are working, I play the song for them as well. What is astounding is that these children (who started learning French this year) are now singing Libérée, Délivrée. Many of them know more of the song words than I do! And what is even more surprising is that while they are working, they are singing the song in French – without the aid of music. We have decided to sing this song at the school’s year-end concert given for the parents. When discussing this option, I loved the comment one child made: “Madam, we need to take the chart with us in case we forget the words.” An added bonus is that they are learning to recognise some of the written words of this song.

Now, of course, I need to learn the song properly so I can lead them. At every opportunity, I am playing it and trying to sing along. The result? I have this tune in my head night and day! 🙂

What song is currently playing in your head?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

26 thoughts on “Learning a Song

  1. I do usually have a song in my head, Colline, but not just at this moment. Language is a funny thing, isn’t it? I remember I used to sing along to a French song in my youth with no clear idea what it was about. I just loved the sounds. You’re doing a grand job! 🙂


  2. well I read on a different blog that this is called an “ear worm” – when songs get stuck in our mind like this – and well, I would love to learn this song in French – how cool!!! and let’s see – the song in my head right now – is “Rainin’ in My heart” – by Al Green – when he was singing it with Willie Nelson – it is on one of my playlists and well, just keeps “playing in my heart” – I mean head… ! ha!


  3. I didn’t realize the popularity of this movie until recently. I only knew about it because of their Oscar wins. I haven’t seen it myself. And now that you talked about the hype of it again, I’m even more extra curious.


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