Free Write Friday: Her Experience

I am so happy I convinced my man to bring me here. I feel giddy with joy. I love the buzz of people; and the sounds of the music playing energises me. How I love teasing him, this man of mine. I want to bring a little joy into his life – he is so serious all of the time and needs to smile a little more.

My favourite local band is playing and I wish to be closer to feel the vibe. I bounce ahead, confident he will follow me. I feel the warmth of the people surrounding me. Their energy. Their happiness. I am definitely on a natural high, as my sister would say. I feel a push on my back and I look around quickly. Nothing. I suddenly feel insecure. Maybe I should go back to him now. He always makes me feel safe and confident. The surge of the crowd pushes me a little more forward as the singer reaches the crescendo of her song. The crowd goes wild, singing along to the chorus. I feel the push again in my back, and then something over my mouth. I breathe in a sweet smelling scent and begin to feel a little dizzy. I feel strong arms pick me up and carry me to the edge of the crowd that stands in front of the stage. As we move, I sense the mass of humanity moving in to fill the space left behind.

He takes me to a darkened corner: behind the sound of the music, behind the roaring crowd and the drumbeats. He lays me down roughly and covers my mouth tightly with a bandanna. “What a pretty little thing you are. I was watching you and knew I had to have a little piece of you.” He ties my hands tightly to the poles of the bandstand. Then he takes out a knife, its smooth blade glinting in the light captured from the concert. He moves the blade slowly down my neck towards my breasts, teasing me with its coldness. My eyes wide, I begin to scream silently and try to get away from his hulking mass. I feared the worst was going to happen – and knew I would not be proven wrong.

fwf-kellie-elmore-badgeIs this what you expected her experience to be?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was written to describe the experience of the other person in my last Free Write Friday post prompted by Kellie Elmore)

33 thoughts on “Free Write Friday: Her Experience

  1. Sorry, I can’t bear it!
    … Suddenly an arm comes from behind, locks on his head, and gives a jerking twist. There is an audible snap as his neck breaks ….


  2. I was on the edge of my chair…you get a ‘wow’, on that one! It felt so very real…my imagination was working overtime. It could be a wonderful chapter to the beginning of a novel! Have a wonderful weekend!


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