Flute playing

I have shared with you a little about my daughter who plays the violin. My oldest daughter chose the flute as her instrument  and I often hear her practising her music. Makes me proud to know that my girls are learning how to play a musical instrument, especially as I never learned to do so.

When my eldest has her flute lessons at school, she often leaves her instrument and music book lying on the table until she is ready to leave for school:

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014
Flute and music boo. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

When she has a lesson, I can expect to hear her practise afterwards. At the moment she is learning the song Demons:

I love that the teacher is teaching them a piece of modern music. Sounds a little difficult – but she is slowly getting better with practise. Here is the piece played by a futist accompanied by piano:

I look forward to hearing the piece played by the class at the year end school concert.

Do you enjoy flute music?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was inspired by Jake’s prompt: Musical Instrument)

30 thoughts on “Flute playing

  1. There is just no substitute for being able to play some instrument oneself – even if very amateurishly. A flute is beyond me, though. I tried a fife for years but can’t get a good tone by blowing across a hole rather than into it! So I stick to recorders and clarinet.
    Violin is wonderful, too. It is so satisfying when one is able to go to the right notes so instantly – it seems utterly impossible, given that there are no guides or frets as in a guitar.


      1. I don’t care what they say, it is never really too late to take up playing an instrument of choice unless one is paralysed or something. I first picked up a violin when Younger Daugher was already an adult. Then we went for lessons together. She gave up. I didn’t.


  2. I do enjoy music. I listen to Japanese pop as well as lot of stuff. I like being able to listen to the tempo, pitch, tone, intonation, and just the pureness of the singers voice without getting lost in the words.


  3. I agree, Colline! It’s great that her music teacher is using current music for the students. It will certainly increase the odds that the kids stay interested and practice their instruments. Besides, I happen to really enjoy Imagine Dragons — their performance of “Radioactive” on the Grammies was, for me, the highlight of the show — and can only applaud the choice of this particular bit of music. 🙂


  4. Cooline – I love the down vie wot the flute with the book – felt like we were there peeking in on the table! Also, yes, I LOVE flute music -but do not really hear it enough. One time when we were at “kiddie camp” (we used to volunteer to help every August for like 6 years in a row) and well, one year, a mom played her flute for everyone and it was chilling. Partly because it was a good tune, but also I think because we do not hear it as much as other instruments – and you could hear a pin drop when she played. it was also late in the day and so tired kids were more calm, but it was so special that I am still referring to it! 🙂
    fun post for the entry!!


    1. You are so right Yvette – often the flute is ‘hidden’ by other instruments – and modern music does not really make use of flautists.I can picture in my mind a group of tired children listening to the mom playing – gives a shiver down my back 🙂


  5. What luck that your daughter will get to play some modern music! Hearing the flute version of Demons makes me want to pick up my own flute and re-learn the notes all over again. It has been awhile since I actually played the flute. Now it has served as a band instrument for two of my children and they have learned as well.

    BTW, it is never too late to pick up an instrument and learn to play. I enjoyed many hours playing flute when I was a teenager. And, I was always looking for modern music to play. At that time the only source of sheet music was a retail store. Isn’t it great that your daughter can find probably any song she wants to play online?


    1. Two years ago when I found her some music online she said she had difficulty reading the notes. This year it may be different as her teacher has introduced her to different music and encouraged them to play more difficult pieces.


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